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Do not panick nor be sad, I am working on the mod, slowly, but making steps slowly, so far right now I have added around 20 to 25 new objects into the game, so far only helmets, and there are many to go! However, that doesn't stop me for showing up one of the features that the mod will indeed improve over the vanilla game: the Troop Trees.

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So, going into the topic, overhauling the troop trees are one of the main characteristics of the main mod, there's gonna be a big change, but do not expect like the extensive troop trees like the one present in Floris Mod, despite being still simplistic, the troop trees will be balanced for all factions, with everyone having access to Infantry, Ranged Units and Cavalry. The levels for each improvement will be almost the same (with the level cap for regular units being 25 instead of 24, ooh, what a change), however, there's going to be a big addition to make things interesting in the battlefield: The Elite Troops. Each faction will have one or two elite troops, single types of troops with a high level (36 in case is only one elite troop and 32 in case there's two elite troops), these elite troops aren't inmortal nor god-like, but they will give you a horrible time if you don't deal with them quick, as they're the point of the spear for the enemy and possibly the main source of damage. Except for non-territorial factions like bandits, manhunters, mercenaries and shield-sisters, all factions will count with these beasts that are inspired or directly copied from the real-life counterparts.

All this mentioned until now is confirmed that, it will, indeed happen, the bases and the concept are there, what's remaining is to start actually building it. Now allow me to tell you other concepts, that will depend on my capabilites of modding at the time I will get into this, that I have planned to do:

·Female Armies: Kind of a bummer that females are only relicated to a non-territorial faction as alternate mercenaries. I'm not planning to make the armies of some factions all-female, however, I have planned to make alternate versions that will go on part with the male counter-parts, and in the corners of Calradia where women are less marginalized, you may have the chance of being able to contract women as part of your armies, however, they'll be kinda rare and contracting men will be easier. Also in this includes female bandints among looters, forest bandits, sea raiders, steppe bandits, desert bandits, etc.

·Bandits 4 Hiring: Bandits are not stupid to only wonder around the map ruinning the life of peasants or an unexpected outnumbered lord, many will offer their blade for coin, possibly you can lead these misguided souls to do good, or just become a grand criminal, you heartless inmoral sicko.

·Zealots: If I'm capable of adding new RP elements into the mod, I think Religion would be included as well, of course, fictionals ones but still heavily inspired in medieval core religions, heresies, smaller branches, etc. But of course, what's religion without some bunch of crazy dudes killing in the name of their favourite holy entity of questionable existance? Over-zealous militias would be the new pest that will roam around the map pillaging "heathen" villages or persecuting caravans.

That's all I have to mention, soon I will publish some schemes/concepts about the troop trees and also flag concepts with the so far written "lore" for each faction.

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