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Information on the team members of Prospect who are working on the Left 4 Dead 2 campaign Life's a Beach.

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Prospect is a team of designers, artists and musicians currently working on the L4D2 campaign Life's a Beach. Below are details on all dedicated and part-time members.


Andrew Bennison: Team Leader, Designer, Artist
Andrew is a Post Graduate from Salford University. After finishing the course he organised a team together comprised of fellow students to work on Life's a Beach. Andrew manages the team and its project as well as designing levels and drawing concept art.

Tim Sherliker: Designer, 3D Artist

Tim is a Post Graduate from Salford University. He helped form the team with Andrew and has been working as a designer on LaB since its inception.

Alex Wallace: Designer, 3D Artist, Audio Designer

Alex is a Post Graduate from Salford University. He joined Prospect a few months after it's inception and has been developing existing levels along with creating sound effects and music. Alex has a website featuring his level design, music and flash movies

2D/3D Artists

Nguyen : 3D Character Artist
Peter is a writer and musician who graduated from Emory University and works on modding in his spare time. His personal work includes creating custom characters for L4D2 as well as writing an extensive story, The Last Hunter?. He is currently rigging our custom characters for body and facial animations.

Rosie Coleman : 2D/3D Environment Artist
Rosie is an experienced artist currently studying at TAFE University and has contributed a wide range of content to the project. This includes, 2D Character art, textures, models and both the team and game logo. You can view her personal and LaB work here


Matt Griffin: Musician

Matt Griffin is currently on a music course at the University of Huddersfield. He has had experience working on several game projects.

Voice Actors

Part-Time Members

Eric Naquin: 3D Artist
Eric is an active member in the L4D community. He has made several maps including Overkill which is ranked 8th overall on, a site that has received 976 add-ons! Eric is currently making 3D models for our levels as well as giving the rest of us help and advice. He also has an online portfolio here

Matthew Humphreys : 2D Artist
Matthew is a 2D artist who graduated from the University of Edinburgh. He has worked on multiple games prior to LaB and has contributed character and environment art for the project.

Rhys Brailsford: 2D/3D artist
Rhys is currently studying at TAFE University and has contributed several pieces of environment art as well as trouble-shooting and solving issues with implementing art content.

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