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The back story of the mod, explaining about the events and factions in this mod. Yes, Yuri is long gone :P

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The Story

A war ended...or not?
After the defeat of the Soviet Union by the Allied Nations, the world seemed
to be at peace. However, mysteries about the last days of that war made
countless people worried about the possibility that the Allies' victory
over the Soviets was not successful. Many feared that the Soviets were
not defeated yet as there have been reports of ragtag groups from the
fallen empire growing in numbers. It was later discovered that a small
group of Soviet officials were forming a resistance against the Allies'
attempt at spreading democracy throughout all of the communist nations,
"Romanov's Rebels" this group was known as. It was believed that the
group's goal was to rebuild their fallen empire and take another shot
at a global communist state. No one could be sure as not much is known
about the group, not even seeing them in action. It seems that this
group was just waiting for the right time to strike back. Another
mystery that made many worried was the death of the Soviet Premier,
Alex Romanov. When special agent Tanya and her squad got into the
Premier's office in the Kremlin, they were only met with the dead body
of the man himself, lying on the floor with a bloody knife clutched in
his hand. The body and bloodstained knife was taken in by forensics
experts for investigation. A stab wound was found in his chest and his
fingerprints were found on the knife. This made many thought that
Romanov had committed suicide. However, there was a possibility that
this was murder and not suicide: Yuri. The mysterious personal adviser
of the Premier, well known by his telepathic abilities that he could
use to turn one against his own friends and his countless mind-control
devices the Soviets used to conquer the USA, was nowhere to be found.
No traces of him were ever found anywhere. It was highly likely that he
had forced Romanov to commit suicide, for reasons unknown. Many hoped
that he was another unlucky casualty in the last days of that war, his
body burned away. But the disturbing fact that he might have survived
and vanished, only to return as a global threat, was unthinkable. Many
just hoped that he was dead, gone for good...

A breaking alliance
After the war, the Allied Nations made an alliance with the Empire of the
Rising Sun, who were struggling to fight in a losing battle against the
People's Republic of China, the last threat of the Soviets. Still
possessing a strong military, the PRA were rather persistent in their
war against the Japanese empire. With the backing of the Allied
Nations, the Empire of the Rising Sun were able to push the Chinese
military back to their mainland and finally putting an end to the
communist state. The leader of the Empire of the Rising Sun, Emperor
Kojiro, was very grateful to the Allies for helping his country fend
off the Chinese invaders. For the days ahead, he ensured that his
country's alliance with the Allied Nations would be peaceful. In this
time of peace, the Empire of the Rising Sun commenced developing new
weapon systems and hardware with the aid of the Allies, improving it's
military just to be prepared to counter any threat that threatens the
Japanese empire. It seems that everything was peaceful for the years to
come. Japan does still face some threats by ragtag Chinese groups aided
by Romanov's Rebels from time to time. However, a decade after the
alliance between the Allied Nations and the Empire of the Rising Sun
was formed, there have been rising skepticism among the Japanese
towards the Allied Nations. Allied spies were caught stealing top
secret information about the Japanese military such as their new mecha
designs and a so-called "Omega Project", some were even seen giving
such information to shady characters. Numerous high military officials
of the Empire of the Rising Sun were also found murdered.
Investigations of these murders lead to the arrests of countless agents
in service with the Allied Nations. Mysteriously, the spies and agents
arrested for these crimes claim that they have absolutely no idea of
what they were doing and what was going on. Not taking any chances,
many of these spies and agents were either jailed or executed. This
further deteriorated the Allies' alliance with the Empire of the Rising
Sun. But one day, everything changed. Emperor Kojiro was found dead in
his palace, along with a number of his guards and possible witnesses.
Everyone was shocked upon hearing that news. It was clearly
assassination. But the question is: who was responsible for it?
Investigations later revealed that a group of Allied SEAL Commandos
were responsible for the assassination of the Emperor. They were
arrested and tried in court, where they pleaded not guilty as they have
no idea what has happened. They were eventually given the death
sentence. The Shogunate of the Empire of the Rising Sun was convinced
that the Allies were planning to do something bad behind their backs.
The Allies tried to reason with the Japanese that they have no
intention to do anything that may harm them and that they are not
responsible for the events that had occurred. The Shogunate was not
convinced and, for the sake of preventing more deaths at the hands of
the Allies, broke their alliance and has since labeled the Allied
Nations a threat to the Empire of the Rising Sun. He warned the Allies
that they will get their retribution. The Allies might soon enter a
state of war again, this time with the Empire of the Rising Sun.

A year after the Empire of the Rising Sun broke their alliance with the
Allied Nations, the Japanese empire began to attack neighboring Allied
countries throughout Asia. They soon marched their way towards Eastern
Europe, combating the Allied forces there. The USA was not spared too.
The world superpower had to hold it's line against the Japanese
invasion that seemed to come just about everyday. According to the
Shogunate, Japan's warriors were out to avenge their fallen leader. The
world soon returned to a state of war. While the war was being fought,
Romanov's Rebels were secretly rebuilding their military. The rogue
General of the group declared that their time to arise once again like
a phoenix from the ashes was near. Soon, the Allied Peacekeeping Forces
in the ex-Soviet countries began to have difficulties in trying to
maintain peace and order in the mainly rebellious countries. One by
one, the Peacekeeping Forces stationed in the countries began to fall.
Surveillance footage of the countries showed what seemed to be Soviet
troops by the thousands marching through their cities and officials
restoring communist government over the course of three years. One day,
they appeared. A large scale assault by the Soviets obliterated both
Allied and Imperial forces in their own territories, telling the world
that they have returned. They were not going to back down this time.
They were more interested in destroying the Allies than the Empire of
the Rising Sun though, and they would not let anyone get in their path
of revenge and conquest. They have however, viewed the imperialistic
power of the Empire of the Rising Sun, which has since taken over much of
Southern Asia, as a threat. The glorious Soviet Union would soon take it's place
as the world's superpower.

A legacy continued
For the years ahead the war continued non-stop. The Allies were struggling
to defend themselves form a vengeful foe while also trying to defeat an
old nemesis, the Empire of the Rising Sun was weakening due to the loss
of millions of troops at the hands of the Allies and the Soviets, and
the Soviet still persistent at spreading communism throughout the
world, while sustaining casualties. But there was one thing that
veteran Allied and Soviet soldiers could never get out of their minds:
what happened to that madman Yuri? He disappeared without a trace and
there was no proof of him dead. This very thought only made them worry
more about how horrible this war could become if he was still alive and
planning something sinister. But no one was expecting such a thought to
be very real, most specifically, the Japanese. It was another sunny day
in a rural Japanese town by the seaside. A local festival was taking
place. That day was to change. A young boy and a young girl who were
flying a kite by the seaside were the first to see the horror that
would overshadow the Empire of the Rising Sun. Out there in the sea,
vast numbers of Armored Transports were approaching the shore at high
speed. A whole line of what seemed to be Yuri's Boomer Subs unleashed a
massive volley of cruise missiles upon the town and possibly other
settlements further inland. The Armored Transports beached and unloaded
countless war machines onto the Japanese land and proceed to destroy
everything around them. While this was taking place, more of this
unknown foe were battling their way into the country, killing everyone,
men, women, children and leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.
Fiercely modified light tanks, large hovering discs, giant mutated
monstrosities, and many other horrifying weapons smashed through the
Empire of the Rising Sun's cities. Despite the massive surprise attack
by this unknown enemy, after three weeks of battle, the Empire of the
rising Sun was able to defeat them thanks to their seemingly more
advanced weapons but not without losing hundreds of innocent lives and
having countless rural areas under the control of this foe. An unusual
news telecast was broadcasted throughout the world by a man who calls
himself "The Successor" a week later. He claims to be the apprentice of the great
Master Yuri, who has since passed on. While Yuri may no
longer around, The Successor ensured that his Master's legacy would be
continued and that his Master's goal for control over the entire world
would become a reality. While that news broadcast was being aired, his
forces were battling the Allies and the Soviets, crippling both
factions badly. Right there, the Allies knew who was behind the events
that lead to their broken alliance with the Empire of the Rising Sun:
it was Yuri after all, although they could not believe that the
so-called "Great Master Yuri" is no more. Unfortunately, the Empire of
the Rising Sun still remained stubborn and saw the Allies as enemies
despite the Allies having proof of who was the real culprit of those
unfortunate events. A global threat has arisen and it has no desire to
spare anyone that gets in their way. As said by The Successor,
"Become one with the Legion or be destroyed. Think wisely."

The unknown war, known
Secretly since the end of GWWII, the Allied Nations formed a special operations
division known as the Orion Corps. This group was formed to combat an
unknown enemy, an enemy not even Yuri has ever heard of, an enemy said
to have existed thousands of years ago. This foe, known by the Orion
Corps as "The Descendants", is a mysterious group whose objective is to
recreate the world into how "The Ancients" wanted it to be. Who knows
who these "Ancients" are and how they want the world to be. One thing
is for sure: they do not seem to want to be known by anyone, possibly
planning on changing the world when everyone least expects it. The
Orion Corps were not going to let The Descendants damage the world
after what GWWII has turned the world into. For decades the Orion Corps
and The Descendants fought in the shadows up till now, while the
Allies, Soviets, Japan and the Psychic Legion fought amongst
themselves, the two factions continued their skirmishes without anyone
knowing. However, this secret war will be revealed to everyone. The
Descendants view everyone as being stained by the ways which are
against The Ancients and must be cleansed. And by cleansing they
mean to destroy everyone. Only when they are cleansed can
The Descendants recreate that world their ancestors desired.
While a massive four way fight against the four factions raged on, The
Descendants appeared, displaying their technological superiority
consisting of hover tanks, cybernetics and their infamous aerial navy.
Without utilizing much effort, The Descendants were quick to dispose
off those rivaling armies. It is here that the world finally knew about
a war that was fought in secrecy. The Allies did not expect The
Descendants to actually show themselves. Now, both the Allied Nations
and the Orion Corps are going to have to double up their military. A
new threat they have known for a very long time has threatened the
world. It could be said that this new war is not GWWIII, it is more of
an Apocalyptic War...

Hope, in the form of a young man and the world...
Years have passed and the world has changed completely. Many city in the
world has been reduce to rubble. The scene was very much
post-apocalyptic, except the fact that the war was still ongoing. Now,
every faction knew how this war could end: their foes completely
destroyed. The problem is, none of them want to give up. Everyone has
come to believe that this is the apocalypse. But one man believes that
the world could be saved. Drake Wheeler roams the wastelands always on
his guard in case the local junkies pounce on him. He looks at a
graffiti sprayed on an old burnt out lorry that reads, "Screw 2012!
Doomsday is FREAKIN' NOW!!!" He shrugs and moves out, clutching his
machine pistol and anti-tank rifle in is two hands. He makes his way
back to a damaged hospital, which has since been converted into a
command center. As he walks into the old compound, militants greet him
as they passed by. He looks back at them and nods with a smile.
Countless civilian vehicles and stolen military hardware which were
further modified with hillbilly armor can be seen driving in and out of
the compound. Everyone in this place knows Drake. He is after all, the
founder and leader of the Wing of Freedom resistance movement against
the oppressors. He started off with a small group of rogue freedom
fighters bent on defeating the oppressive superpowers. While many other
similar groups failed, his group grew larger. Everyone around the world
new about his rebellious movement against the military superpowers and
became inspired to fight along side this young warrior. Soon, many
other resistance groups joined him and in the end the whole world was
following in his footsteps. Drake however did not want to fight. He
never wanted to kill. He, like many others, hoped that the war could
not get any worse. But now he and everyone else have to face reality. A
famous quote by him, "We fight not because we were forced to, we fight
because we want to protect the ones we love", made many thought of the
real reason they are fighting in this endless war. It does not make one
different than the oppressors if he fights for power. He is a brave
warrior if he fights for his people to the death. With this words in
mind, Drake hopes that despite being technologically disadvantaged, the
combined strength of the innocents of the world and their determination
to end the war would lead them to victory, although it would leave a
bad taste in his mouth...

Seven factions, two wars, one battlefield. Devastation is IMMINENT...

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