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The idea for Square Chainz came in a dream…. No, really…

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The idea
The idea for Square Chainz came in a dream…. No, really… I had been playing way too much Solitaire, and one night I went to bed with the numbers going around in my head. Obviously that effect didn’t go away when I shut my eyes… In my dream I was playing a game on my phone that was strangely similar to Solitaire – I was going up and down number scales, but with the added element of frantic speed. I wrote the idea down before I forgot and that was the start of Square Chainz.

And who are you?!
My day job is a Digital Designer and I was quite happy to flesh out my dream into something visual, so I had a play around the next day with an early design. I had a friend from school who was now a developer who had tinkered around with some games in the past and I got in touch and sent my designs over to him. After trying to make sense of them he suggested we meet up. Soon after he started building v0.1 of Square Chainz.We had probably progressed onto v0.5 when we decided to recruit our third SC member, a friend from University with a big background in music, to give our game some music and sound, as well as helping us with ideas to try and expand the idea from a simple idea to a complete game.

And the name?
Another simple answer. The name was chosen by our developer right at the very beginning. It was just something to name his MonoGame project. We always intended to rename it, but by the time we got around to it we’d all got used to it (and replacing the end of every word with a z in general life…)

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