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Welcome to The Second Tiberum War an ambitious game modification that redefines Command & Conquer 2: Tiberian Sun.

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May 20, 2022

I am aware of a crash that occurs on mission 6 but am unable to fix it. The entire map needs to be remade but I currently do not have time for that so I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

May 16, 2022

I've just uploaded 2.71 which fixes the campaign 16 ending sequence to trigger properly.

May 12, 2022

I've just released version 2.7 for you all to enjoy, make sure to post any bugs and issues that you may find so I may upload a fix for them. I'm currently in the process of moving to a new town in which I also need to buy a car and get a new job so I'll be taking a break for a bit.

The next update I'll be looking to add chapter 8, fix the snow tile issues, and do some unit overhauls as I just picked up MagickaVoxel. I will also be looking to add better skirmish maps and then I'll have only the Final Mission to complete and it's going to be an epic one!

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The Second Tiberium War is a redefinition modification for Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun that improves upon the already fantastic story and atmosphere exhibiting the games maximum potential.

In 2010 Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun was released as freeware which allows users to redistribute their modifications with the game as a whole. The Second Tiberium War is constructed upon the fan made Tiberian Sun client, a cleaned up and refined version of the freeware game, which allows for many improvements that it's successor C&C: Red Alert 2 implemented and more.

- Constructed upon the Tiberian Sun game client which allows for much greater customization as well as online play using CnCNet.
- Features a new full length story campaign following both GDI and Nod factions as events unfold towards the final conclusion.
- New infantry, structures, aircraft and soon to be naval ships.
- Improved visuals from lighting and structure details to units and weapons effects.
- Meticulously designed maps showcasing improved lighting effects and optional time of day choices for skirmish and multiplayer matches.
- Visually enhanced unit icons
- Polished user interface with increased clarity and detail
- New and greatly improved super weapons

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After the First Tiberium War was won by G.D.I. at the battle of Sarajevo, Brigadier General Mark Jameson Shepard retired from the service as the world was now at peace. Years later his grandson Joseph Shepard followed in his grandfather’s footsteps and joined the military service of G.D.I. to aid in the recovery of the new Tiberium inhabited Earth.

Years later while on assignment to gain peace relations with the now formed mutant coalition a tragedy befell the young lieutenant sparking a chain of events of great significance. During the night terrorists assaulted the mutant village where the lieutenant was stationed leaving the place in ruins. Men bearing the symbol of the scorpions tail attacked the village without reason except for one, to abduct the mutant chief's daughter.

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Angered by his loss the lieutenant vowed to retrieve the chiefs daughter at any cost, so he and his men took whatever supplies they had and ran off into the distance. Joseph and his team were declared renegades by G.D.I. command for leaving active duty and absconding with military supplies, they had not been seen since.

The year is now 2047 and the United Nations controls the majority of the worlds superpowers. The first world nations are rich and fat while third world countries are left in desolation. Minor rogue groups have risen up to fight over freedom against the now oppressive United Nations. Tiberium has scarred the land and poverty grows in ever increasing numbers, but all these events pales in comparison to the now looming war about to unfold.

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Rumors have emerged that the once infamous leader of Nod Kane, has survived the destruction of his temple at the battle of Sarajevo and has recruited a loyal following. The now dictatorial United Nations is his opportunity to turn the masses to follow his plans for a new world order under his leadership.

The Brotherhood of Nod has returned ingniting the first embers of flame sparking the great Second Tiberium War.

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My name is Ryan otherwise known as EverValiant and I’m the sole developer of the Second Tiberium War. It’s has always been my passion to create a game that does not age with time that one could call a perfect masterpiece. No game would I say has ever achieved that goal flawlessly but, as I continue to work I believe that this project becomes closer with each passing day. Does the Second Tiberium War have the potential to reach that milestone of greatness? That’s the goal of this project and doubt is one’s greatest enemy:

“It’s not the limitations of the machine that prohibit you, but the belief in the lack of your own creativity.” - Ever_Valiant

Thank you for supporting the Second Tiberium War and I hope you follow along as the mod project grows.

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are you using the harvester ai hack the one used in dawn of the tiberium age as shown here also i've been thinking of playing the campaign should i wait for the campaign 2 what i seen of the mod is really impressive good job!

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Ever_Valiant Author

I will be looking to add the harvester hack and a few others. The campaign right now is good and finished, I am just revamping it even more so and will be a large change from the original.

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Nice also iirc the code for it is open source though its better to ask just in case

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"terrain revamp"? :O i hope this includes manual flattening through concrete plates

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Just wanted to extend some love to you sir - this game is so dear to my heart and always was growing up. It's incredible to see what you've done and I've been playing each version vigorously. Truly, truly, truly appreciate all the hard work you do and can't wait for the next version. All the best!

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Ever_Valiant Author

Thank you very much, I appreciate your your kind words and am always excited to see peoples reaction when I release new content. Cheers!

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