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A Data Record and included with a log about a 5.5 Million Year old Species called the Precursers, Currently Extincted.

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Situation Report 5.6, With the EFSC Seeker destroyed, Me and the rest of my Kupiter and Phobes Research Teams are traveling towards a Deserted New Khperi Moon. This Moon will hopefuly provide shelter from the Imperalists or Amun....We landed on the moon about 1 hour ago, Hoping we can find some shelter. As the Khepri Imperalists beging to Bombared New Khepri Prime all we can do is watch New Khepri's Citys being turned into large Red Craters from the Imperalist Radio Beams. We hid in a forest. What we found here however was something interesting, A Buried Ancient City. Not Khepri, Not Amun nor Terran, it was ancient and most of the buildings are buried in sand. We survayed the area to understand who might of Created it. While we werent "Diggers" we were able to estimate the date of the ruins, Which was about 10 Million Years old! We desided to classified the species who in which created this "city" the Precursers.
The Precursers is a Extreamly Powerful Ancient Civilization that was believed to have an Empire that Consumed 2/3s of the Miliky Way Galaxy. Evidence from Dig Sites in Dubhe, Delta Cygni, Altair and a newly discovered system known as Capella, We have discovered that the Precursers were very human like in nature. Their Culture however resembles much of the Khepri Imperalists and their Warfare...was nothing like we've seen before. It is theroized that the Precursers mastered in Slipspace Travel and Plasma Cannon Technology. It is also believed that there are some, maybe very little remains of Precurser Ships out there. Rumors have been spread saying that the UTNI owns a Precurser Crusier, Which that the Polaris Intelligence Office (PIO) has released that the UTNI or The Assembly owns such a crusier at all. However recovery of some Precurser Ship Debrie shows that they Processed Amun Armor Technology. The Hunt for a Precurser Ship however continues.

It is mainly to be believed that the Precrusers were very violent in nature, But Questions still remain: If they are still alive, where are they? If they died, what caused their Extermination? Still many questions leave Citizens of all races puzzled.

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