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Expanding and exploring the features of The Platformer

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Hi guys.
Now we will be talking about the features.

The game has 5 practice levels, 10 normal levels and 2 bonus, 17 in total.
There are three types of levels: Platforming, Boss fight and Protect The Fort. Only Level 6 is Protect The Fort because these levels take forever to make.
Boss fighting is just pressing Q and trying to kill the boss.
Platforming is pretty straightforward.
Protect The Fort is trying to kill every one of the enemies in 30 seconds.

Let's talk about the controls.

Controls for Platforming levels:
The right and left arrow is to move right and left.
To jump, you need to press up arrow + left/right arrow. You can't just jump on the spot.

Controls for Boss levels:
All four arrow keys are functional.
Press Q to launch a bullet.

Controls for Protect The Fort:
The same as Platforming, but use Q to shoot like the Boss levels.

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