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Just an overall view of the features of The Platformer 2.

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Hi there guys.
In this article we will be talking about the features of The Platformer 2.

There will be 10 Kiddu levels given to you, and after Level 10, you will have to do something to unlock the last ten, so overall there will be 20 Kiddu levels, but there will be 40 levels in total.
For levels, I dare not say any more because spoilers can be a life ruiner.

There will also be cutscenes. They will be pretty crap but it's a 2D animated cutscene in a 2D game, so don't blame me!

Let's talk about the controls.
I will be taking a whole new approach for The Platformer 2.
The Platformer was pretty basic...
Let's get into it.

W to jump. W pressed twice is Double Jump. There will be a sound accompanying the first jump.
A is to move Left.
D is to move right.

Hey, I know this is basic as well, but it's still better then the controls of The Platformer.

Also, the boss levels will be taking place on Platforms. I'll release some screenshots on it soon.

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