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A list of some notable Petty Kings in Westeros, feedback is appreciated.

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The year is 6566, Westeros is at war.

Petty Kings rule throughout the land, bloodshed and terror reign supreme.

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King Tyrion 'Greatlion' Lannister

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Gardener King Mern Gardener

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Storm King Maldon 'Greatstag' Durrandon

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Shadow King Triston Darklyn and his son Prince Robin

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King Loren Greyjoy

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Mudd King Triston Mudd, and his son Prince Tristifer 'The Hammer of Justice'

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High King Artys 'The Falconknight' Arryn

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Bronze King Robar 'The Shield of The Vale' Royce

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Winter King Theon Stark

Please feel free to ask any questions. No questions are dumb here. Also corrections relating to lore and other miscellaneous things are appreciated.

(Note: The dynasty shields are currently in production and will be in the first version)


im pretty sure the starks were kings of winter instead of winter king

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That is true, but it sounds better this way!

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Will there be a better-looking set of portraits for the First Men later on? Bit sick of looking at the original vanilla faces playing AGOT.

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They are using the Finnish portraits currently, these wont show if you lack those.

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The images aren't loading. But based on the Steam Image, Theon Stark should have the Cruel Trait and possibly the Impaler trait too. Based on the wiki, he's done some reprehensible things even by ASOIAF standards.

"King Theon defended the north during the Andal invasion. Aided by House Bolton, Theon defeated the Andal warlord Argos Sevenstar in the Battle of the Weeping Water. The King of Winter then sailed across the narrow sea to the coast of Andalos with Argos's body displayed on the prow of his ship like a figurehead. Theon burned a score of Andal villages, killing hundreds and capturing three tower houses and a fortified sept. The king displayed the spiked heads of his victims along his coastline to deter future invaders."

He sailed to Andalos, killed hundreds of people, burned civilian population centers, and kept the skulls as trophies. Despite the fact that the people in Andalos probably had very little (if anything) to do with Sevenstar's invasion.

"Theon later conquered the Three Sisters in the Bite and landed an army on the Fingers, possibly part of the War Across the Water. He also defeated rebels from the Rills and aided the Night's Watch in imposing a generational defeat on wildlings beyond the Wall."

Next he participated in the Northern Conquest of The Three Sisters, an event so gruesome it became known as The Rape of The Sisters. And apparently killed so many Wildlings that it took an entire generation to reproduce them.

"Supposedly, they killed children and cooked them in pots, disemboweled men and wound their entrails around spits, executed three thousand warriors in a single day at the Headman's Mount, and Belthasar Bolton made a "Pink Pavilion" out of the flayed skins of a hundred Sistermen."

These aren't things Theon's descendant Eddard would have done or even approved of.

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