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The Order have been up to a lot ever since they opened the Nomad hypergate. This article explains what they've been doing this whole time.

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Ever since the activation of the Nomad hypergate via Dyson City, the Order has been running around trying to figure out how it works. Three years later (804 A.S.) they managed to find out how it works and begam conducting experiments with it. Results were never published, nor do any of the Order’s agents know anything about them. The Nomads somehow came back to Dyson Sphere’s gate, stronger than ever, not letting anyone come in ever again.

806 A.S: Unable to fully understand how the alien jump gate (leading to Omicron Major) is powered, the Order managed to combine solar energy with adapted Nomad energy cells to get enough power to make it work. While testing the new jump gate, they sent a probe through it and discovered a new system due to a malfunction. In that system, they found a planet presumably settled by the Nomads, orbited by a broken jump gate.

With the help of new resources, the Order created a line of ships that resemble some Alliance and Coalition old vessels . In addition, they managed to replicate Battleship Osiris and put it on a line of manufacturing. Two of the failing replicas were welded together in order to save resources and created Oasis outpost. This outpost is located in the newly found system mapped as Omicron Zeta.

808 A.S: Exploring the Omicrons and beyond, the Order found an unexplored nebula colored pink that goes partially outside the known Sirius sector. Mapped by ancient starcharts, this sector was given the codename "Epsilon".

810 A.S: After mapping the systems, the Order passed this info to their agent in Liberty, Michael King, telling him to pass the word to the Deep Space Engineering (DSE) corporation. DSE were immediately interested, and designed a special Very Heavy Fighter to survive the new frontier. They hired the best pilots they could find, among them was Edison Trent, proud barer of the Lone Star medal given to him by Liberty’s president Jacobi. Jun'ko Zane insisted on joining him, leaving Michael King in her role of command in LSF, and so the strange collaboration between the Order and DSE hailed for the farthest frontiers.

From this point, the new Single Player campaign begins.

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