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Another one of the new Clairvoyant factions in Cerebral Cascade. They owe their continued existence to Yuri, and his generous efforts to maintain the movement. In which they too swear fealty onto Yuri.

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The Allies, in order to sweeten the deal and maintain Romanov's trust in the west, had allowed the Soviet Union to maintain its control over Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, and Hungary, while this was questionable by the rest of the world, the Allied Nations, well knew that the Soviets would come back from the grave in the event their crypto-imperialistic tendencies were curbed. As learned from Germany who had attempted a similar course of events prior to the Soviet Invasion of Europe.

While the forces in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, and Hungary were relieved to know that they wouldn't be forcibly expelled, in fear of the resurrection of Stalin's legacy, Romanov would have practically abandoned the soldiers who maintained a presence in Eastern Europe.

These forces would have something in common with those they occupied, the abandonment of their benefactor. They were left to govern these areas with no reinforcements, supplies, or anything. Eventually they started recruiting the native peoples of Eastern Europe to the cause, and slowly converting themselves from a Stalinist regime to a People's Army, one in which the oppressed and the oppressors have joined forces to seek vengeance on those who had left them abandoned.

While the native peoples of Eastern Europe in the beginning, thought their oppressors to be malevolent, the abandonment by both the Allied Nations, and Romanov Regime has left the two Eastern European sides with little in common, with something major in common, they had both been abandoned.

Yuri would approach this movement, in a mission to regain their loyalty to the state, and like the Sons of Taured, he would sweeten the deal with Soviet small-arms and even offer his political support. However they'd make it clear that they would only answer to him, as they would not listen to Romanov. Seeing as Yuri's PsiCorps were relevant to the cause during the Second World War, and very receptive to the concept of assisting the soviet people moreso than the actual Soviet Regime.

The Old Guard would be established in these former countries, in which they patrolled the occupied zones, acting as protectors of the people, and even making stances to rebuild infrastructure in the region. In which the regimes that were installed by Stalin and later Romanov would be overthrown in favor of local government, that owed their support to the Old Guard. Yuri would cover up these coups as assassinations by the feared Sons of Taured.

As in Russia by 1965, the Sons of Taured would be a name feared by many locals, but Yuri and his PsiCorps would act as the vanguard of the Caucasus, only to never actually face the legendary Sons of Taured, as both sides were merely playing a part in a gigantic charade to earn the favor of the people.

Poor old Romanov didn't even know about the stockpiles of surplus that the Allies had left sitting in Ukraine.

Flag of the Old Guard

In Cerebral Cascade, the Old Guard are the second Clairvoyant faction that players are familiarized with story-wise, and conceptwise. Deploy modified weapons from the Second World War, such as restored Mammoth Tanks with High-Contagion Chaos Rounds, and Armor Piercing shells, and the valiant and brave Old Guard Riflemen!

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I hope y'all enjoy this mod when I finally push the 0.0.1 alphatest to public!

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Excellent MCV model there.

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I know right!

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