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In this article I'm gonna tell you the backstory of the mod's story (not "how did I came up with it")

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You play as Gullible Gleb, a protestant who doesn't like the regime that Kim Jong Un has set when he took over the entire world (including America), and he is a part of a secret society which is against it and they regularly protest against the government and try to remove Kim from the leadership. But one day, it has gone worse. He started conducting expirements on humans, in the end they usually die from horrible deseases.

And one of those people were your parents. You become outraged and go on a rampage, killing all the officials of the government. You make it into the secret base, and discover where Kim is hiding, and you make your way there. While going on your marvelous andventure, you discover that Kim has set a contract with the motherfokin' demons from hell, unleashing memes into reality, and it becomes pure hell.

In the end, you fight Kim Jong Un to death, eventually killing him. You set the world to freedom, but sadly, you shrivel up and die. The end

Here's the player sprite:

Your player

(low res image)

olzhas1one Author

Please, don't ask me why there is such a backstory for such a bad mod, its just all me having way too much fun and its very random, so please, don't question ANYTHING in this mod, just try to get over it

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All I can say is I hate you with every ounce of my being for making this WAD. Well done ******... well done

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