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A little bit of information and background about Tube Wars.

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Tube Wars is a team-orientated first person shooter, set in the Underground transit system beneath London. Following a near-apocalyptic event, in which an asteroid broke up in the Earth's atmosphere mere milliseconds before reaching the surface, the South of England became engulfed by a toxic chemical fog from space. Filling the air, the toxin devastated all creatures in it's path. The only ones lucky enough to survive were commuters hidden deep underground, in the Tube. The survivors converted sections of the Underground into living space and food storage, but it wasn't long before supplies - and tempers - wore thin. Fierce fighting broke out between rival groups in a bid to secure the dwindling resources; the war for the Underground was on.

Join with your team to destroy the enemy! Both teams in Tube Wars will be fighting to achieve the same objectives, but in opposition to one another. These objectives vary from map to map, including demolition work, VIP-style missions, and a variation of the game made famous (Or should that be infamous?) by radio program "I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue", Mornington Crescent - The rules of which are a mystery!

Players choose a weapon set, equipment and specialist enhancements then jump into the fray for intense tactical combat. Portable ticket gate spawn points, hidden supply stores and a varied arsenal ranging from compact pistols and submachineguns to flamethrowers and rocket launchers keep the pressure on and the adrenaline flowing. Success depends on team co-ordination, as individual players will have to adopt roles within the group and support their fellow team mates. Random run-and-gun is out, strategic warfare is in.

Strap up your boots, load your weapons, put on your best cockney accent and strive for victory in the Tube Wars!

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