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Ever wondered the CCS come from? Who they were? How they came to be? Or even why?

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The Legend of the CCS


From the top, the CCS are a Spec-Ops force founded in 1899. Authorised by the monarchy of England to serve and protect the country, and later, the world. Created in secrete and serving under the direct order of the monarchy of England, the CCS did all of the work. All of the occasions when an issue has occurred that the public was not to know about, all of the times when a war has brewed into fruition, every time a planetary threat has stared Earth in face... The CCS have been there.

The CCS in new old times

After the events of 2073 the CCS had to regroup. However, not on familiar ground... Even though the location was England it was as almost as if it was a new world. With the first to arrive being Lt.S.Valentine the reputation was not good. With her arriving at the time that England was invaded, she had no choice but to run as far up the mountains as possible. Shortly after, the Kodiak ZX13 belonging to GEN.ZOOL came crashing from the sky. It was clear at this point that the CCS were not just scattered around the planet, but scattered around time and space...
The Time-Space-Continuum was unstable, and to think, that all of this was of the doings of Kane.

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