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The Khepri Empire, Backstory and Race Infomation: By Elite 222 All Rights Reserved

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Khepri Empire:

Race Overview:
The Khepri are a desert dwelling species with humanoid fetures. The Khepri are about 7 Feet Tall, Have only 2 Fingers, 2 Toes, and 2 eyes. Their Ears arent visable sence it blends into their head. They have very dry and thick skin with very strong bones and musules. They adapted to their desert enviorment due to their ability to store water.

The Khepri was founded in 2090. The Khepri quickly adapted to the Space Age and Colonized their Entire System. In the very early 2100s they discovered slipspace and moved to the near by star systems. The Khepri soon discovered the Shm Republic, After understanding their technology the Khepri swiftly destroyed the Shm Republic and enslaved their race. Over the years the Khepri enslaved more empires eventualy coming across their toughest challenge: The Amun Republic. They mastered in powerful Plasma Cannon Technology. The 10 Year ended with the Amun enslaved. In 2220 The Amun Rebellian began eventualy leading to their exile also putting a scar in their imperal sphear. The Atens were exiled in 2225 and the Luxorians in 2226. The Khepri soon designed the KESD Khepri Super Destroyer to help defend their empire from future rebellians. In 2230 the Khepri Crusier Retirbute of Khepri: Came across the UNE Crusier UNEC Berlin and Eta wing. The Crusier soon called in 5 Mu Crusiers and destroyed the UNEC Berlin. Eta 5 Escaped alerting Polaris Station about the situation. Starting the UNE/Khepri War. Unfortunatly the Khepri have an Ancient Enemy to deal with soon enough.

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