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These are the list of features introduced in "The Final Nights"

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Below are the list of features in VTM: The Final Nights 1.0.

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All features included in Camarilla Edition Ver. 1.2

7 Brand New Clans
Assamite - Vizier caste, Scholars, Artists, and Assassins.
Baali - Evil demon worshippers, corrupters of souls.
Followers of Set - Usurpers, use serpent charms.
Ishtarri - African clan of gluttons, information gatherers.
Osebo - Violent warriors of Laibon, drawn to crime.
Salubri - Noble healers and warriors of the righteous.
Samedi - Rotting, stinking undead, control of death and decay.

5 Brand New Disciplines

Daimoinon: Discipline of devil worship which specializes in the corrupting of souls and infernal combat.
Obeah: Healing for both body and soul, greater control of the beast and other various effects.
Quietus: Grants influence over the blood of others, Assassin based discipline known by the Assamites.
Serpentis: The Setites core discipline, can use to charm others and take the form of their god Set.
Thanatosis: A truly disturbing discipline which involves manipulating effects of death and decomposition.

The Humanity/Frenzy System

- You can drop your Humanity as low as 0, but will result in a game over.
- At Humanity level 3 or lower, being around the death of an innocent will lower your Humanity by 1 whether you actually did the killing or not. This excites the Beast.
- Taking 20 bashing/lethal damage in one hit -OR- taking 16 aggravated damage in one hit will result in a frenzy check.
- A frenzy timer constantly runs in the background. As your Humanity drops and you begin getting hungry, frenzy checks will become more frequent.

The Haggle System

- Monetary reward amounts from quests depend on Haggle feat.
- Bribe NPCs with money where amount depends on Haggle feat.
- Blackmail NPCs to earn extra money and XP.
- Prostitution costs depend on Haggle feat.
- All weapons, items, lore books, etc... have been adjusted.

The Inspection System

- Items only appear if Inspection feat is high enough.
- New items have been laid out in all 4 main hubs including armor and occult items.

The Weapon System

- All weapons have a use, no weapon is worthless.
- Advanced weapons are available to purchase much earlier.
- Complete rebalancing of every weapon.
- New weapons, skins, and sound effects.
- All vendors carry every type of ammo, new ammo capacities.

The Masquerade Violation System

- Completely new violation system created for TFN.
- Hunters spawned will be permanent NPCs on the map, until killed.
- Hunters spawn from violation level 1-4.

The Prostitution and Blood Doll System

- Haggle plays a large role in Prostitute cost while Seduction plays a minor role.
- New prostitute triggers for all 4 hubs making feeding much easier.
- Vanilla blood dolls work on random success to feed; while having a higher Seduction increases chances.
- All vanilla and CE-made blood dolls use same success chances regardless of hub.

The Music System

- All licensed music has been changed for all 6 clubs and other various places were music is played. (Song list in the end credits)
- All music in the clubs rotate so the same song never plays back to back. In most cases, 3 different songs play and a new song upon entry.
- All club music and voiced dialogue volumes were adjusted for better sound quality and understanding.
- Sunrise Diner now plays oldies music.
- New male/female feeding sounds.

Misc. Gameplay Changes

- The White Cloud has become a vendor of occult items.
- Research books are no longer found but bought from vendors.
- Stealth has been modified to be more realistic/harder.
- Discipline cost is based on a multiplier of 6 instead of 5.
- New opening scene with new audience and henchmen.
- Cheating no longer possible at the beginning with Jack.
- Changed most passwords in Santa Monica.

New NPCs

Akeem - A 400 year old Assamite Vizier who's in town to find relics.
Evan and Garrett - LaCroix's new personal bodyguards (cleaners).
Edgar Hirst - A powerful Hunter and mini boss for the Akeem quest.
Chastity's Team - Chastity now commands a small band of troops.
Gangrel/Toreador Antitribu - Two mini bosses in the SM warehouse.
Tremere Antitribu - Leader of the Bradbury Hotel.
Bach's Helpers - Bach now has a small personal squad of men.
Wraith - A wraith is summoned in Gallery Noir fight.

Enhanced/New Quests

- Enigmatic Encounters
Do a favor for Bertram and meet Akeem in the process.
- Inquisitors Know Too Much
This is a brand new quest given to the player by Akeem and involves Hunters in downtown LA.
- Hot Stripper Assassin Action
This quest has been remade in that now Chastity is the leader of a small squad of hunters.
- Society for the Preservation of Professors
This quest has been remade in that Grunfeld Bach has additional support in the final battle.
- Out for Blood
The NPC Kindred were reworked and given full animations and visual discipline usage during this quest.
- Hunters Hunting
You can now ask Ash to stay behind or come with you and he also now carries a gun instead of using his fists.
- Poster Quest
The Poster Quest from Wesp's Unofficial Patches has been removed.

- All PC models and skins have been heavily modified.
- Protean warform has been changed to be more wolf-like (Thanks Raptor_Red).
- All Research Books were reskinned.
- Several prostitutes were reskinned for variety.
- The Diner interior was reskinned and renamed to "Sunrise Diner".
- Various signs in SM were reskinned.
- Arthur Kilpatrick was reskinned.
- SWAT NPCs were reskinned.
- Hunters were reskinned.
- New TFN UI with red/blue blood counter.

Character Creation

- Indepth histories of each clan are presented in a two page report viewable during character creation.
- New background for the character sheet.

Bug Fixes left over from CE 1.2

- Fixed misspelling of Fortitude description
- Fixed camera view buttons to make more sense
- Fixed unclear description of Tawni Quest
- Fixed Skelter's eyes, should've been Gangrel

All System Charts such as the Weapon stats, Frenzy Timer, Haggle System, Blood Doll %, and Masquerade Violations can be found at our website:


Thanks, but could you please make a graphic enhancement pack separate? Like the reskinned models and skins. Thx :)

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