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They have waited a long, long time to free themselves from the shackles of slavery and oppression that the Tecteron had attached to them. Now they prepare for the one big rebellion that will bring freedom and democracy to the galaxy.

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The Cadanians

Cades is a hot desert planet close to the center of the galaxy, and therefore close to the hotspots of war and
Though most of its surface is covered with deserts, there are also a few mountains, seas and oasis spread over it.

The Cadanians' Anatomy

The Cadanians are basically raptors. They have long, muscular legs, sharp claws and teeth, big eyes that help them to see at night(they still prefer to use lights though), and they are quite rugged, as they have evolved in the harsh deserts of Cades, where survival is mostly ensured by being able to run fast and being able to endure even extreme punishment like heavy sand storms or being attacked by other predators. There is a major difference between them and terran raptors though. The Cadanians lack feathers.
They are quite intelligent, comparable to humans, but not as creative. This can be quite a disadvantage, even though they are superior to humans in physical strength, running speed and resilience.
Cadanians reproduce like other reptiloids/dinosauroids.

Most intelligent races of the galaxy are quite different from terran life, especially the Entersians. But the Cadanians are surprisingly similar to dinosaurs. The question is, why? There are plenty of theories, some of them being rather unrealistic(like the Cadanians originating from earth lifeforms of the Cretaceous era) and others being rather simple(it's just a coincidence). Some theories are downright weird(like raptors having used spaceships to escape earth before the meteor hit it and extinguished the other dinosaurs). It is pretty much sure no one will ever find the answer for this.

The Cadanians' history

Despite the Cadanians being predators themself, for a long time they were on the lower part of the food chain. They had to employ their superior intelligence and their superior skills in creating tools to survive. Over time, cultures formed, that waged war against each other, as the Cadanians became more and more powerful, emerging to conquer the food chain's top. Religions evolved, and over all, their history was extremely similar to that of humanity, until, at some point, the Tecteron appeared. They tried to conquer Cades, but the Cadanians, split into a couple of different nations, united in one democratic nation that covered the entire planet, and fought back against the invaders. The Vuun, being concerned over the expansion of the Tecteron, supported the Cadanians with new technologies. Soon, the Cadanians started their own expansion, while the Tecteron where licking their wounds. Later, more wars occured. Most of them were won by the Cadanians with the help of both the Entersians and the Vuun. The latter ones only helped secretly though, as they wanted to stay as neutral as possible.
Finally after hundreds of years that were filled with war, the Tecteron achieved to push back the Entersians, that were weakened by rebellions against their dictatorial government and other internal conflicts. The Tecteron defeated the Cadanians and installed a puppet regime to keep control over them. Later, the contract of Dragoona ended the war, and an neutral organisation was established, comparable to the UN on the Earth. The organisation had its own huge space station, known today as Forge of Justice.

The Cadanian Government and their Politics

For a long time the Cadanian government was controlled by the Tecteron as a kinda puppet. But we are looking at the state of the government after they declared war on their oppressors.
The Cadanians are idealistic, and their government is therefore democratic.
Its most important target is the protection of the people, but also, the Cadanians look towards the stars, preparing to free the other races as well.
They have secretly built up quite a large fleet, but they are threatened at all fronts, being trapped between the two biggest powers of the galaxy that are crashing against each other and against the Cadanians with brute force and leaving death and destruction behind. Therefore, the Cadanians have started redirecting their politics towards full mobilisation, and the entire federal republic is dedicated to the massive war efforts. The Cadanians aren't desperate but determined to unleash the power of democracy and freedom, ready to fight the two big powers together with the Vuun that they try to convince to enter the war.

The Cadanian Realms

The Cadanian realm is rather small. The most important industrial and population centre is of course Cades, but the other parts of their "empire" are quite valuable as well.
(I will add to this later)

The Cadanian Fleet

The ships of the Cadanians are somewhat average in most areas. Their shields are generally especially strong. Their weaponry is a mixture of energy and projectile weapons, similar to the Vuun and the Entersians.
There are three types of ships in their navy:

-The Carriers: basically, these ships are the centre of all Cadanian fleets. They are the toughest, but also they carry a lot of fighters and they buff nearby ships. Their weaponry is small though, only consisting of a few defense turrets.

-The support ships: These are the corvettes, frigates, cruisers, battleships. They aren't as tough as carriers, but they can still take some damage before falling apart. Their weaponry is stronger than that of the Carriers, but they lack the buff abilities of them, also they barely carry any fighters at all.

-The fighters: The fighter-bombers of the Cadanians combine quality with quantity. Yep, that's right. They are simply superior.


Why does it say "The Vuun's Fleet"?

And this isn't major, but wouldn't "Cadanian Federal Republic" sound better?

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Oh, sorry, is edited.

Nah, i am not sure, i mean it sounds good already, doesn't it?

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I always misread it as Canadian. Sounds good though.

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Lol hehe. xD
I should add some kind of easter egg where the Cadanian troops say "sorry, eh".

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