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The Fairy Tale mod includes a diverse selection of Scenarios that introduce the player to the World of Fairy Tale, and more are added with every update. Here you find the descriptions of all the scenarios.

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The Scenarios playable with the Fairy Tale mod are as follows. Here you will find mission background on all the scenarios packaged with Fairy Tale. All the scnarios give some insight into the history and Lore of the World of Fairy Tale.


This is the big one! This huge map displays the entire World of Fairy Tale and has all the Fairy Tale civilizations present. The scenario begins in year one of the Third Era and you play any civ you want and the goal is to conquer your rivals and create an empire that spans the Known World. Victory conditions are Domination and Conquest.


The Nordic Vikings started out at their savage homeland of fjords, snow and mountains in the North. Their culture began at its cradle at Urfjord and spread throughout the Northern Sea to finally settle on the Nordic Peninsula where they are today. In this scenario you play the Nordic Vikings or any of the nations opposed to their expansion, and you struggle for superiority over the Northern Sea and its islands. The scenario is not entirely action-heavy as each nation starts out secluded from the others and has to invent seafaring to gain contact, but when things hotten up towards the Fairy Tale Era, the situation will explode and the Great War of the Northern Sea will be fought!

Build your kingdom with your eyes set on that final Great War that will show whether you have Viking blood or not!


2700: Namyr, the Yatengi tribes and the Undead were three different kingdoms that competed over the same land back when they were still newly born, fledgling kingdoms. Guide one of them to victory and claim the land for your chosen kingdom!


January 2720: The Heiress to the Crystallin throne, Princess Arminia Zenobia was at a young age appointed governor of the Crystallin venture into the Central Lands. The appointment was considered safe and no encounters with enemy powers were expected, and Arminia's task was to build a powerful Crystallin outpost in the East. Her mother, the Queen, saw it as training before taking the throne itself.

The task was not to be as easy and trouble-free as the queen had anticipated though and soon Crystallin explorers ran into Principality scouts. The Principality had also decided to settle this new land and claim it. Thus, conflict was at hand, but Arminia did not pull back or retreat; instead she set about to build her mother's colony.

In this scenario you play as Princess Arminia Zenobia, and will conquer the new lands for Crystallin. Arminia became known in history as the Great Warrior Queen of Crystallin.


2814: Although, the desert peoples of the Canwella desert had long been high-standing they had not united into an organized state. No great leader to unite them had arisen, but in the beginning years of the third century, the high chief of the Yatenga tribe, Seruman, rose as leader for all the peoples and united them in an effort to found a new state. The situation was not entirely hopless. The Yatenga Oasis supplied an optimal starting position for the tribes and the new first city was to be founded there. The three kingdoms to the east kept a watchful eye, though, not wanting to let the desert peoples unite to form yet an other opponent state.

You play Yatenga as it takes its first steps into Civilization. Your three opponents, Namyr, Dal and Elchers, are to the northeast. Your opponents are more advanced than you and you need to try and catch up. They have the upper hand at first. Can you see Yatenga grow into a powerful state at their side, or will the desert winds blow away the memories of that dream over the ruins of the nation's first city?


2900: The Valley was discovered in the waning years of the Second Era but nothing was done to settle it. It was a land of myth and rumours. The remnants of once great, now forgotten civilizations still remained, dotting that mythical Valley. it was not until 29th century of the Third Era that explorers started to enter The Valley and actually have a look. What they found was a resource-rich, fertile and beautiful land that ached for settlement. In 2850's the first Eastern settlers arrived and the initial small colonies were established.

The Valley is one of the most fertile places in the Known World and it is no wonder that all the major nations have interests there. The Vikings and the Crystallin have settled the coastlines, while the Namyr and Principality colonies are found inland. The Elven Federation has founded an outpost to the south east as well. The political situation between the colonies is one of mutual co-existence, but it is only a matter of time before things flare up. The Valley is rich on resources and of high interest to all of the involved nations, and therefore, the governors of the colonies know that they have free hands in dealing with any opposition from the other settlements.

You take the role of one of the colonial governors and it is your task to put The Valley under your nation's flag once and for all, and found a strong state for your chosen nation. Any means are allowed, but beware, you will meet some strong foes that don't follow diplomatic rules either. You have control of a number of towns, spread out around a greater capital. You need to work up your positions, do that research and build a defense force.


2931: Having sustained the oppression of the ruling high-elven class for hundreds of years, the dark elves have risen up in open rebellion and are now in control of most of the western elven lands. In this scenario you lead either them to victory, or the Elven Federation. Norse and Principality colonies are also found to the north. In history the dark elves were defeated and finally exiled to the island of Denerea.


Winter, 2974: The Principality colony deep in the Canwella desert had long thrived and life went by as usual in this paradise on Earth. It was a Principality enclave, strategically placed on the trade routes going between the Free Lands and Yatenga. It was this Colony that supplied cover and protection for the silk and spice caravans, and as such, it was rich, flourishing and very prosperous. Beyond the Oasis lay nothing but miles and miles of barren desert.

Being appointed governor of the Oasis was considered an honour, as there was a fair share of fighting bandits and fending off minor squadrons of Barbarians, and in that way - honour to be earned on the field of battle. The new governor appointed by the Council was a proud knight, a veteran fro the wars against the Clans, Bertell Neander, and upon his appointing, strange things started to happen in the desert lands beyond the Oasis. The caravaners reported seriously increased Barbarian activity in the area, and soon Neander had to escort and protect every caravan going in and out of the Colony as attacks grew more and more frequent.

You play as either the Principality Colony, trying to defend your territory and counterattack, or you play as the undead, trying to overrun it.


3018: The thriving Kingdom of Angleeye was considered the only civilized power west of and beyond the Twin Lakes. It was ruled successfully and peacefully by King Gregory Lyssander III for fourty years and under his reign, the banner of Civilization was held high even in the savage West. Upon his passing in the year 3015, the world grieved, but put it's hopes in his talented, but young Queen, to continue the enlightened reign in his honour. That was not to be, however, for she was torn to wreck in her sorrow over his death, and to ease her grief and anxiety, she turned to the black arts in a vain hope to be able to actually ressurect him from the Dead.

While indulged in such enterprises of darkness, The Queen attracted the attention of the demonic powers. The Underground Kingdom made contact with the Queen and promised her that King Lyssander would indeed live again. The only thing The Demon King asked for, was for her to give up her own kingdom and ally with him; to incorporate into the Demonic Collective. She refused, at first, but his arts of persuasion knew no boundaries, and soon more and more of Angleeye was incorporated under his demonic rule.

The Queen was soon the only living human being left in Angleeye, as all else were mentally and physically incorporated into the Collective. And she chastised the Demon King for not holding his end of the bargain and not ressurecting King Lyssander. There was but one thing left, the Demon King replied, she would as his minion conquer and enslave the entire known world, and then she should meet her love again - when all the known world was finally under his Collective. The Queen - becoming more and more a demon under his command herself, as her soul gave ground to darkness - started preparing for war. Up, from The Underground Kingdom, came demonic hordes of troops; the forges worked day and night, the mines pumped out steel and the troops were drilled and trained.

The command was given, the march orders issued. In the Winter of 3018, the armies of the Dowager Queen crossed Angleeye's eastern border.

In this scenario you play either the Collective or one of the three Free Lands fighting her. The Collective is the easiest to play, as it only has to overrun the Free World to win, while the three Free, first have to defeat the Collective, then outmaneuvre each other. The full campaign playing one of the Free should therefore be a long, hard-fought game.

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