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There are several playable nations in Fairy Tale. All different and unique, all with their specific strengths and weaknesses. More on the greater Nations here.

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The Elven Federation is made up of a number of smaller Elven tribes that are united in a political union led by the greater cities. Elven culture is one of peace and prosperity rather than one of war and the clashing of arms. Therefore their armies are primarily defensive in nature. The Elves build their prosperity on trade, diplomacy and good intelligence. Having had hundreds of years of peace and tranquility, the Elven armies are in no condition for a great war as yet, but the mobilization and expansion of the armed forces has begun. The Elves are superior archers, and are well-equipped for defensive operations like rear-guard actions, garrisoning cities and forts or giving defensive cover to larger forces.

The mighty Vikings of the North were once a savage race that began at their cradle at Urfjord in the far north. They were initally plundering and pillaging the coasts of the civilized world, but recently settled and incorporated into civilization, the Nordic Kingdom has become a cornerstone in the East. Although they have settled and are building a prosperous kingdom, their somewhat barbaric virtues and morals live on in their culture though, and they are fierce warriors when opposed. Their heavy, well-trained, and impeccably equipped infantry units will make the backbone of the Eastern armies as they take on the Dowager Queen. Viking culture sings praise to adventure, battle and great deeds of arms; they have combat in their cold northern blood. They can't wait to get started.

The mounted warriors of the Principality are known far and wide for their professionality and courage. Their entire culture is based upon noble chivalry and those codes, where the bards write poems and songs about honourable chivalrous deeds, fair ladies and proud knights in shining armour. It is a culture steeped and forged in battle. It is a culture of gentlemen and ladies with strict religious, moral and ethical codes of conduct.

Many times in history have the Principalitie's knights saved the civilized world against the insurgencies of clan warriors, raging beasts and evil empires. The Principality stands as the civilized world's noble guard on the Western frontier, and they are the guarantee for the prosperous peace that has reigned in the world for hundreds of years. The Principality will without a doubt take the spearhead of the Collective offensive, but the noble knights stand ready; they are prepared, they are even longing for honourable battle - like in the old days - against a superior, evil villain.

The once peaceful kingdom of Angleeye has now turned into a Collective dominion. There are no living, intelligent beings in Angleeye anymore, only shells of what once was, all incorporated into the collective mind led by the Demon King, who has put his entire arsenal at the disposal of The Dowager Queen, who now prepares to take on the civilized world and turn it into Collective wasteland. The armies are made up of undead, trolls and ogres; their arsenals are frightening and superior, however, their individual units are slow to maneuvre and they lack sufficient cavalry.

Troops are trained at a frightening pace at the Collective Hives, which are raised in all incorporated cities, spitting out reinforcements at a never-ending rate.

The Yatengi come from the deserts beyond Canwella in the west and are a highly developed nation of dark-skinned peoples who have formed a loose confederation of tribes to form a grander state. They are henceforth known for their aggressiveness in war, high standing culture as well as their superior workforce. Politically they keep to themselves and try to run a foreign policy of isolation, however, even they have discovered that such is not possible. They protect their desert lands with great determination. All who enter the desert, enter there with Yatengi eyes upon them. Nothing goes unseen in the desert.

The Western nobles of Namyr muster well-trained and equipped medieval armies. They are strong and hardy in the field of battle and can give the major nations a real headache if tested. The Namyr are religious, moral and noble, and are prepared to stand their ground to the last man standing. Their nation grew from a collection of smaller, feuding states, surrounded by mighty enemies, united under one king. In our times the Namyri Kingom is known to be the southern counterpart of the Principality. Their culture is one that glorifies honour and great deeds, but also power. Great powerstruggles are not uncommon within Namyr and oftentimes smaller lords rise to challenge the great kings for the throne, and therefore civil wars, political powerstruggles and other internal affairs occupy the kingdom. It is therefore said, that their inner disorder has made it so that they are not already the kings and rulers of the world.

Amazon Swordswoman
The Crystallin state is a rigorous Matriarchy, where the women lead the state functions as well as the armies. History has proven that their resolve is hard as a rock; their young girls are trained in the skills of archery, swordsmanship and warfare from a tender age and they form the splendid Crystallin Archer and Swordswoman battalions. Especially their superior archers are well-known. They are known throughout the world for their bravery as well as their savagery; they seldom take prisoners, and all male captives are either killed on the spot, or forced into slavery within the Crystallin nation. The Crystallin are a force to be reckoned with.

Arisen from their cold and inhospitable graves, the uneasy and evil spirits have come again to haunt the living. They are bent on destruction of all that is known as civilization, and they mobilize immense armies of skeletal warriors to fulfill that task. Beware of the Dead, for though they might seem physically fragile and untrained in combat, their evil will, resolve and resolute stubborness might actually take you by surprise. Many a noble lord has already fallen by their swords.

The Angvina hail from the great southern rainforests, where they have made their home amongst the protecting depths and darkness of the endless forests. They seldom venture outside their home in the woods, and when they do, they do so in force. They are a warlike, religious people. Human sacrifices are not uncommon in their religious practices and prisoners taken in war are often offered as a thanksgiving to their infernal gods. They are feared throughout the known world and rumours fly about them since they are very much still unknown; the other nations treat them with respect, curiosity, and sometimes defiance and open hostility. Although their religious and aggressive practices, their culture is high-standing and their great altars are hubs in their rainforest cities that give comfort, protection and heal their citizens.

The Denerean are a race of dark elves who inhabit the mythical island of Denerea, where they were exiled after having been defeated in the Great Elven Civil War. Their history began on the mainland where they often wandered between the nations and never were made welcome; they were often called "Blueskins" and diseases and even pure accidents were often blamed on them. Among the Elven they found their cousins but were treated like slaves by the High Elves, and when persecution went too far, they finally rose up in rebellion, a rebellion that became bloody and prolonged, but ultimately failed. The High Elves wished for their total annihilation, but Norse and Principality intervention saved the Dark Elves who were instead evacuated on Norse ships to the island of Denerea.

The Denereans have superior infantry, but are quite uneasy on horseback. Their archers are well-known for their professionality and the Denerean Blackguards are infantry units of impeccable quality. The Denerean civilization has been reborn since the Civil War and they are now ready to take their rightful place in the world; having been hounded, persecuted and hated throughout history they are now arming and building up to hold their own. History's underdogs are on the rise.

The Arcana began as a county under the rule of the Duchy of Namyr, but expanded and grew into the nation's wealthiest province. When Queen Elberra gave birth to two twin daughters, it was at first speculated in who of the two would hold the throne. Enica grew up to be a warlike and dangerous woman, while Ezara grew up to be philosophical and religious. Much to the nation's surprise, the Queen, on her deathbed, decided to divide the Duchy between the two daughters. Enica would hold Southern Namyr, which then grew into the independent state of Arcana, while her more philosophical sister retained power over the heartlands in the north. the deal was successful. Enica took care of the border wars and conflicts, while Ezara dealt with the governing and peaceful establishment of the heartlands.

The Arcana are directly a product of Namyr, and as such they deploy the same unit types as their great sister. However, since they are even more warlike than their counterpart, they have a few more units available.

Having lost the Great Colletive War against the Free Nations and with Angleeye trapped behind the Angleeyy Pass, The Demon King resorted to resurrecting one of his old minions. The ancient nation of Zuur had once been a great civilization that spanned the Known World and that all else paid homage to, but in a sudden catastrophe, the whole civilization had met its doom and had been encapsulated in the Underworld until this day. The Demon King resurrected the old civilization and up from the Underground came, once again, the ghostlike armies of the past, again, bent on destroying the World and conquering and trampling all else under their feet.

The most distinctive weakness, or rather strength, of the Zuur, is that they do not use horses. They don't need that resource at all, but instead, their armies are slow to move, yet they are superiorily strong and deadly dangerous. Watch it for the Zuur!

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