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Deep Space Engineering have been busier than ever, given the new nebula now open for them to research and rediscover what the ancients kept away from us, probably to protect us.

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After revealing what really hides behind this mysterious odd-looking nebula which goes a little bit beyond the Sirius sector, DSE started showing commercial interest in it as well as a will to research the seemingly new gas type.
Naming it Colossal Gas, for the fact that this is the heaviest and most dense gas ever known to man, it appeared as extremely poisonous. Getting in contact with it could practically melt your bones!
The DSE Corporation has established a research station in the Epsilon Gamma system, which is filled with Colossal Gas and seems to lack the danger of Nomads. The assumption is that this gas damages Nomad ships.
Several gas mining units were placed in different areas to get different samples. Meanwhile, due to the contract between The Order and DSE, The Order has been trying to figure out how to use this gas in many different ways. Outcasts, raiding Order convoys in Epsilon Alpha (which links straight to their homeworld), stole some amounts of Colossal Gas and started spreading it as contraband. As for 810A.S. it became the most valuable merchandise in the Sirian black market, as well as a more-or-less popular poison used by illegal means in other sectors of the galaxy later on.
The gates to Epsilon Delta were not sealed, and still many explorers like to visit the beautiful spot on their sightseeing journeys, brave enough to enter ancient abandoned space. The DSE haven't entered there ever since the expedition, though The Order sometimes monitors the area to see if everything's in order.

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