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basically, what everything i want is going to be and then some.

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so people have been asking me lately for a good outline of what i want to accomplish. thats a very basic question, with a basic answer. {{Single-Player mode, with a good story line, recreating most of the events of star craft, leaving out a few parts, considering how hard it is to do this, all units made playable(zerg, terran, protoss) all drivable(if difficult) vehicles, such as terran battlecruiser, wraith, etc, and a multi-player objective based gamemode. i do know that this mod will take ages to develop, but thats all the fun in it. i dont really have a set deadline, nor want one, as i see it only as a demeaning factor. i just want good quality work, and a fun mod to play for us all. and once again, if anyone out there is willing to help me, please contact me via private message and I'll ghet you set up on a job. thank you, once again for all your support, and have a nice day! -sincerely, The rcraft dev. --matthew bevans

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