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Basic information about the game's background story

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Le Cronache (the chronicles) depicts the history of a parallel universe called Oltre (Beyond), created at the beginning of times as haven of peace and harmony by the Drakhonath for all races, and, in particular, of one of its three sections: Mondo di Mezzo (MiddleWorld).

Every action and every event that involved the inhabitants of this world has been meticulously collected and transcribed over the centuries by the species of the Satyrs, commonly called Sheep Men, who have always kept outside the big story, often slipping into the role of narrators.

La Legione di Ferro (The Iron Legion) takes place right after this world's creation, when the peoples fleeing from the atrocities of Guerra degli Albori (War of the Dawns) taken shelter into the Oltre newborn lands, rebuilding their lives under the benevolent overlook of the Drakhonath and the last remaining of Ogre people.

But peace won't last so long... the youngest race of Umani (humans), eager of the power promised them by Kerebron, revealed to Kerebron how to pass the dimensional portal, betraying their creators.

And now, our story begins...

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