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Some of the things that will be in the mod. All the goodies and Extra's that We, the peeps of NoMz Entertainment will be bringing to Warhammer 40,000: Emptiness of Victory. Some of these things will be in the initial release, while others will be released later. Enjoy!

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Allrite, so We finally got the freakin mod up. As you can see, we do not have alot of stuff up yet, but we do have some extra "Crunchies" for you guys. Some of the unexplained things that are going to appear in this mod. Some things that are going to be in this mod are such things as CPU's that players can get on their teams once they acheive a certain point or objective. Example: Eldar holding the first line of defence at their base for 5 minutes on the Madien World Map, the Eldar team will get 2 CPU's per 30 second. (CPU's will be absolutely retarded, so heads up.) Another thing that we will be adding into our game will be the use of Vehicles, and even Superheavies, Baneblades and the like. However, Baneblades will only be allowed in Tank Battles, and Apocalypse Battles (don't worry, we will change the name.) The Maps in the Original Release of the mod will be the Eldar Craftworld, where the battle will take place on a bridge, An Eldar Madien World, where the bases are located on the high ground, but the battlefield is in a valley, An Imperial Guard defense system, complete with trenches, bunkers, and a Fortress for the Guard, while the Eldar attack from an abanded town. There is also a 4th map in the process, but that will be kept quiet until it's release. There will be a variety of classes, and yes, Achievments, such as falling off the edge of the map, but before dying, killing someone else, or killing a certain Vehicle with a grenade. Also, we announcing the next 2 races that we will be putting into the game after it's release. The first race that will be added after the release of the mod will be the Necrons, and after that, the next race will be Chaos. (Marines and Cultists.) Of course, everything that has been said here will be put into much greater detail prior to their releases. As for now, those are some of the "Crunchies" you can expect in the mod. Oh yes, one last thing, we started this mod last November, and we might have a public beta release in about 2 months, if we work really hard, however, this is not a set time, so it might be longer or shorter. Anyways, hope to see everyone checking out the mod!

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