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Classified Data Logs of the UNEC Berlin's Encounter in the Gamma Cgyni System on December 25th 2230. All Infomation here is classified by the TNI's Cygnus Act 5.4 Section 86.5

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It was around 02:00 hours in the Polaris System. The UNEC Berlin was just fitted with the new SAAM Anti-Fighter Missiles. The Berlin is one of the new Atron class crusiers that were put into service about 15 years ago. The Commander of this ship was Captain Kara Armstrong. She is related to Neil Armstrong who landed on the moon about 500 Years ago. Or More. "Another one of those boring recon missions again Admiral?" Said Captain Armstrong to Admiral Jackson. "You are right again Kara. You need to do a deep space Recon mission in the Gamma Cgyni system. We lost contact with some of our Sonar Bouys, we think it might be pirates. Some York Fighters will accompany you dont worry" "Understood Admiral, Kara Out" The Berlin then Undocked with Polaris Station, loaded up the 6 York Fighters and shipped out to Gamma Cgyni. "We have arrived Admiral, now what: All I can see is---Wait.....Unknown Contacts! Its a Crusier with fighter escorts" Says Kara to the Admiral. "Do not fire apon the Unknown ships, they are not Terran in design: Wai----" "Admiral? Admiral?!" "Kara, the Aliens are firing!" "Damn it! Power up Slipgate drives, get us out of here now!" "Malm, 3 more crusiers jumped in and what appears to be a bomber squadran: say your goodbyes: we are screwed" : "With the Power from the Great King himself we shall destroy this Filth and the rest of its people!" Soon after, Radio Silences from the UNEC Berlin.

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