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A new world order hell bent on controlling the minds of the masses sets the stage for Irrational Motive's narrative.

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A Brief History

Irrational Motive takes place in the not so distant future in a remote research facility in the former state of Nevada. The forerunners of a new world order are in existence as a group known as the Echelon are often referred to as ruling most of the world. This indeed true. The Echelon was formed by a group of extremists who wanted Earth to be one vast Democratic Socialist nation. After rising popularity in light of government failures and economic instability, the Echelon has managed to overthrow more than fifty percent of the world's governments. Dividing their super-state into several region-based provinces, the Echelon's dominion is known as Gaia.

The company that is conducting the experiment on the player character is a privately owned, but government supported and financed, pharmaceutical firm known as Epoch Laboratories. They have roots in bio-terrorism that dates to the Cold War.

Epoch's recent endeavors, funded by the Echelon, have been focused primarily on controlling human actions and cognitive processes. Their first test was to see if the brain could be re-wired to accept input from a remote wireless source. The test proved successful, and the Echelon called the process Higher Power Brain Engineering(HPBE): a minimal cost surgery that was advertised as being able to help citizens control certain habits or harmful actions.

By the time Epoch had made headway into discovering the frequencies that would be able to create a mass mind controlled state, more than thirty-five percent of Gaia's population had received the implants with the promise that a control device for personal use was in the works. Soon, newborns were being implanted minutes after exiting the womb. The Echelon's dream of full control over their nation is becoming absolute.

The other nations that have not been absorbed by Gaia or are in conflict with Gaia are beginning to form a tight alliance. It becomes known to the player that a war is going on all throughout Europe to fight Gaian take over. Word also reaches the player that a resistance to the Echelon is forming in the province of America(former United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and their respective islands). The Echelon keeps various events tight lipped and only feeds the citizens what propaganda it needs to fuel it's agenda.

The Echelon

The Echelon is an oligarchy ruled by a group of elites. It is made up of several divisions known as Sectors. The Sectors are as follows:

  • Sector of Control: The Sector of Control are responsible for running the Echelon's massive plan for globalization. They create propaganda, maintain order, control the military branches, and are the prime cause for Higher Power Brain Engineering.
  • Sector of Brotherhood: The Sector of Brotherhood, known simply as The Brotherhood is the branch of the Echelon that deals with the people and their rights. They conduct trial and prosecution, write laws, and declare wars. The Secret Police are governed by the Brotherhood.
  • Sector of Airwaves: The Sector of Airwaves works with the Sector of Control to regulate, monitor, and produce digitally distributed services like television, radio, and the internet. They usually have a hand in any entertainment service.
  • Sector of God: The Sector of God maintains the religious balance of Gaia's many provinces. There goal is to make sure that all religious needs are met but to also keep religion from overtaking government support. They build churches, temples, and sponsor religious events.
  • Sector of Science: The Sector of Science is in control of all scientific research in conjunction with the Sector of Control when need arises. They produce all medicine, weapons, and electronics in Gaia.

At the top of the Echelon is the Head Elite. Beneath the Elite are the Advisers. Each Sector has a Sector Elite which has a group of advisers. The hierarchy of Gaian society is illustrated bellow:

Hope you enjoyed the little insight into the world in which Irrational Motive takes place! The game will be presenting a lot of these concepts and more as you further unravel the players mysterious past. Take care!

Michael DeLally/ThreeEyedShaman



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Sounds intresting, waiting to see further updates.

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Woah, didn't know the story was -that- deep.

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These kind of dystopian settings remind me of just how easily interchangeable one form of political extremism is with another. You could replace the word government with corporation and have nearly the same plot.

Er, sorry for going off on a tangent. This seems like it could be interesting assuming the whole oppressive government thing is just the setting and not the entire story.

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devoided Author

It is just the setting. I understand what you are saying. It's merely a backdrop. The game focuses on the player character and his past and not so much on the current world situation.

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