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Coverage on the Amun Imperal Clans, The Amunians, The Atens and Luxorians. By Elite222 all rights reserved :)

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Race Overview: Amuns
The Amunians lived on the planet Amun Prime for about 2000 Years. The Amunians advanced in Laser Light Technology and were always curious about Space and beyond. The Amun were the first race ever to begin space exploration (1700s was their first space craft contructed). The Amuns soon then colonized their Solar Systems and established the United Amun Goverment: Amun Republic in 2100. The Amuns then made contact with the Khepri years later and a major war spiked up inwhich they lost and became slaves to the mighty Khepri Empire. In 2200 the Amunians Rebelled and overthrew their Khepri Overlords and left their homeworld in fear the Khepri will hunt them down and destroy them.

Race Overview: Atens
The Atens were very warrior like in nature. However they were very intelligent and scientific. The Atens were the second race to explore Space (1800s). The Atens then advanced in Plasma Technology and Space Ship and Space Colonization. The Atens soon fell to the Khepri in 2185.

Race Overview: Luxorians
The Luxors lived on Luxor Prime. Known to be economic masters the Luxors were the richest race in the galaxy and the last alien race to explore space. However once they reached space they were the first to colonize their home system but werent the first to create a perminate goverment. However they never did and were quickly destroyed by the Khepri. When they rebeled the Amuns and Atens assited them in return: Their Homeworld became a uninhabital wasteland of fire and volcanic activity.

Formation of the Amun Imperal Clans:
The Luxors, The last to settle in Amun and Aten Space decieded to unite the three races and form the Amun Imperal Clans. The Amunians were the Political and Religous Center of the mighty AIC. The Atens were the Scientific and Warriors of the AIC. The Luxorians became the Diplomatic and Economic Center of the AIC. Together the 3 races developed frightining war technology to crush the Khepri Empire and all who oppose the AIC once and for all.

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