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You want to play new horror games? Put that cash-wad away. No, really, put it away it’s crawling with deadly spiders. I have some good news - there are developers out there who like scaring complete strangers more than they like making money. This is a big win for us, the victims, because we can submit ourselves to their will and be reduced to a broken, shivering meat-puddles at no financial cost to ourselves.

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Underhell: Chapter 1

Link: ModDB page
Expect to pay: Free mod for Half-Life 2

Part horror game, part tactical shooter, part zombie thriller. Underhell packs a lot into its prologue and first chapter, switching genres at will and effortlessly introducing new ideas. You play as Jake Hawkfield, a troubled SWAT operative who's struggling to come to terms with the death of his wife. That recovery isn't helped by the fact that his wife is still around, as becomes apparent as you explore his now haunted house. But from Gone Home with a ghost, Underhell takes a tonal shift when Hawkfield returns to his day job. Suddenly you're giving orders, checking sectors, and securing rooms, as you clear terrorists out of a hospital. Naturally, this distraction doesn't last, and Hawkfield continues to slip further from reality.

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Now we kind of are competing with "No More Room in Hell". That is quite impressive! I liked it too but my vote goes for Underhell ;)

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Sticksanity - - 35 comments

A list of the 90 best PC horror games? My wallet is going to be VERY empty for a while.

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