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This mod wouldn't exist without these people. I have to make a complete list of all of them. Thank you folks

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I did a lot of work on textures and bumpmap editing. The hardest part was to learn howto, together with knowing "what is the name of this texture in this map". I just recently discovered the solution.

Many thanks for the immersive sounds to Trappa, HQ, Wolf88, Bossbob, McGee, Colted,Plaskon, Freaks, Overkill, Riley, theglocks, Zetex
Models: Thanks a lot to UKDecay, knifeInFace and Wile E Coyote, Millenia, modderfreak, Mike, the0rthopaedicsurgeon, Quad, rascals, Kuggan, HeNe, Snake, MadHead, Watevaman, Dodss Kuggan, d0nn, PinkPanther, Mike-, Flakk, Csblackhawk, Kiff, CsBlackHawk, Propen, 5hifty, Dayofdfeat123, Henes, Flakk, Soul-Slayer, Watevaman, Woody, Rhetoric, modderfreak, eSkwaad, Brutal, Stopia

Map Textures: Fakefactory, djibe89, ValVe
Map props : TKAZA, Watevaman
Explosion effects: CB4
Installer: djibe89
US Scope : Ti Fiego
Phong, Specular and Rim shading : djibe89 & authors listed above
Icons : antman311
And ValVe for their icomplete Day of Defeat Source.
And players for their feedback

Remember :
Fakefactory is a god. Detailed textures dand shaders are due to him.
Millenia is the best skinner on earth. His job is simply awesome.
UKDecay is a crazy modeller. Thanks for his german models
Wile DOD is an advanced payer skinner. Thanks for his various player skins.

. I will write tutorials to explain all I learnt during this experience. Thank you all guys

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