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The description of technical possibilities of engine Progress Engine.

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Game engine Progress Engine is written in programming language C ++.
The engine includes:
- Own mathematical library (vectors, quaternions, matrixes of different types, files, etc.). Support of instructions SSE, SSE2, Hyper-Threading, MMX, 3DNow is included!
- Own physical cursor (the miscalculation of collisions, physics of soft bodies, materials of the surfaces, destroyed objects, etc.).
- Own modular system of game mechanics + an artificial intellect for each of them. In modules of game mechanics base objects and their interactions are realised.
- Support of several connected libraries of rendering. The general number of simultaneously defined libraries is not limited.
- Sound library with support of such formats of sound files as WAV, OGG, MP3, FLAC, technicians of reproduction of a sound from 2.0 to 7.1 Are etc. supported.
- Multithreading support.
- The built in manager of memory supports work with the volumes exceeding 2GB. In limits 8GB operative memory works correctly. On the volumes exceeding 8GB, tests did not pass.
- Debugging tools include conducting log-files, the console.
The engine has modular architecture. Support of connected modules is included in it. The basic emphasis becomes on universality of a code, ample opportunities of its application, and an adaptability to new platforms of working out.
Now, the basic platform of working out, it is considered the personal computer, with operational system Microsoft Windows. Further, the list of supported platforms is planned to expand, but, now, about it still early to speak.
Except set forth above, now pass the test, some innovations. However, they have character extremely difficult, and therefore, the information on them is not subject to disclosure.
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