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A program that allow to explain to team members how a piece of software work or take doubts in a few minutes.

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The project management of requires that you explain things to other team members.

In order to manage a project or work was a team you need to be able to explain things. This program allow you to start a session with another team member, to show them your current work application and explain the details that are missing.

Often we lose a lot of time in e-mails, debugging, print screens, typing, Skype Chat, and so on. Typing high quality text is something that can consume a lot of time and diminish your work flow. It saves you a lot of time to be able to explain in a couple of minutes something that could take ours.

In Indie development with out a physical place for people to work is one of those programs that teams can really on, to be able to do consistent work.

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