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Proposed tank values are shown below as a basis for changes to be made given certain historical information given below are a few examples of proposed changes to certain tank statistics in game.

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I am currently researching each vehicle in the arsenal and comparing the historical data to other estimates and I would like to modify the amx-13 in the following ways:

1.the vehicle name string in the locale string file that contains the names of the vehicles in the game so I can change the name of the AMX-13 HARPON to be AMX-13 T75 (Char Lance SS-11).
2. Then add the AMX-13 HARPON to the recon card set instead of the combat tank card so it appears as a recon card selection on the deck and change its optics range without changing all instances of the master object.
3. I also need to make a duplicate AMX-13 HARPON that has the 90mm gun if possible
4. Then alter the AMX-13/90 to the AMX-13/105 variant by changing the weapon on a new instance of the master object.

AMX-13/75 FL-15 Turret (1975)
Glacis: 35mm
Turret: 35mm
Average Front - 35mm> 1.2 (1) (XD)

-FL-10 turret armed with a 75 mm gun with a single-baffle muzzle brake. Acc 20%
-Autoloader: yes
-RoF(mpa): 10
-Total amount of Shells / ATGM: 34/0
-Ready rack # of Shells / ATGM: 12/0
Acc: 30%, ROF 12, Range 2000m, Stabilization "-Oscillating turret +5 acc.;-Laser rangefinder (1975) +5 acc.", Optics "-Commander and gunner paired periscopes, optics "bad".

Era ammo
75mm HEAT ammo (AMX13 FL10) 150mm at 2km< 3.8 (4)

SOFAM Model 8Gxb petrol engine
-480L (i)
-400km road/ 280km cross

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