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Command Conquer : Tiberium Crisis Unit Introduction

For the sake of convenience, I put the summary at the beginning:

  • In-game profile is incorrect, please refer to Tiberium Crisis Moddb introduction.
  • Rifleman, Militant squad, Snipers, PeaceKeeper, Confessor and Buzzer can only attack infantry (low damage for other units)
  • Normally, anti-infantry also has a bonus to light vehicles, with 100% damage
  • Normally, Machine guns do 40% damage to heavy vehicles and structures, 100% damage to infantry/light vehicles or aircraft and 75% damage to medium aircraft.
  • Normally, Missiles do 40% damage to structures, 75% damage to light/medium vehicles and 100% damage to light/medium aircraft.
  • Normally, Shells do 100% damage to medium vehicles and 75% damage to heavy vehicles
  • Normally, Lasers do 75% damage to medium vehicles, 100% damage to heavy vehicles and 75%~70% damage to structures
  • The default damage in these cases is 50%
  • Defensive Towers can detect stleath and infantry can face to detect stealth. Detect stealth includes detecting spy
  • All structures have physical height, defensive towers can ignore it.
  • Scrin infantry can heal on Tiberium.


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