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April Fools! We're all very sorry, Take on Zombies won't be making it to retail just yet! However, 'Take on Helicopters' will, and that's something we're certainly not sorry about!

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Today we proudly announce the first batch of pre-LC for our upcoming project, 'Take On Helicopters'.
Pre-order the pre-lc today, and get free (limited) access to post-release patches! For the last week, our busy worker-bees have been tirelessly stripping away content from the main game to ensure the best possible return for your support.

Project Lead, Joris-Jan pan 't Land, remarked: "'Take On Helicopters: Zombie Apocalypse', really lets us take the new IP in the direction we really should have gone from the start.
We're not big fans of content, but we're huge supporters of loads and loads of cash." The whole Take On team sincerely believes that realism and fun don't easily go hand in hand; however, zombies and helicopters were made for each other. Everyone is hot for zombies right now.
The community want it, we want it, its a win:win for everyone.

Undead Lead, Karel 'hollywood' Moricky noted: "After the rather flat reception to our announce trailer, we felt we really needed to raise our game... by raising the dead! Expect Zombies, nukes, transforming helicopters, and everything from the Tony Scott school of design. Minus the copyright infringement."

The best part about the game, is taking community content, repackaging it, and selling it back.

Obviously we have to spend some time breaking things and introducing bugs to keep us busy over the following days and years, but it's a small sacrifice.
And you can bet we'll be honking on some phat Cubans while we work.

Zombie Apocalypse will feature:

  • ZiP (Zombie in Picture) technology
  • Sling-load executions
  • Undead Helicopters (dont be flyin' thems in the day!)
  • A brand-spanking-new 50mx50m Terrain
  • A free beta version of Arma 4 (note: requires always-on connection)

Very unrefined video but nonetheless I love the atmosphere and music/sound effects. Looking to be a very cool project indeed, good luck to you lads. Zombies + Helicopters = Always good. :)

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Dwarden Author

thanks ;)

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"A brand-spanking-new 50mx50m Terrain"
"A free beta version of Arma 4 (note: requires always-on connection)"


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