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Finding and collecting Supply Crates is essential to your teams success. Here is a list of items found inside these packages.

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  • AC-130 - A plane loaded full of modernized warfare rains death from above
  • Air Strike -
  • Bazooka - Launch a rocket at your inferior opponents
  • Blow Gun - Disorient enemies with a hallucinogenic dart
  • Blow Dart -
  • Bomb - A throwable bomb used to blow your enemies to bits
  • Cluster Bomb - The mother of all bombs gives birth to more bombs
  • Disguise - Confuse the enemy team by changing to their ball color
  • E.D.S. Crate - Evil Demolition Supply Crate tricks the enemy into picking it up then... BOOM!
  • Homing Bazooka - A persistent rocket that hunts down your targeted opponent
  • Insta-Shroom - Grow your own temporary (non edible) shroom to create a new obstacle
  • Jihad - Make the ultimate sacrifice and gain 72 virgins... or not
  • Jump - Launch your ball into the air and over obstacles
  • Magnet -
  • Ninja - You disappear into a cloud of purple velvet and become invisible to enemies
  • Nudge - Gives you a boost in the direction your cursor is aiming
  • Proximity Bomb - Throw this bomb and it'll explode when it detects an enemy near by
  • Scramble - Chance of fate! Randomly swaps with other players
  • Shotgun - Pelt your enemies with a load of buckshot
  • Stone - Get heavy like a rock and you won't be knocked around
  • Stop n' Go - Stops you in place and enables your turn instantly
  • Teleport - Travel through another dimension!
  • Uzi - 'Yo boss, can I hold my gun like this?'
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