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A short overview of some of the Stunts you will be able to perform in Killing, My Friend.

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Hello All,

Dwayne Douglass here. Lead designer on Killing, My Friend. I wanted to take a short, in-depth look at the Killing, My Friend stunt system and how it will work. If you are familiar with our mod Action Half-Life or one of its many spiritual offspring you have an inkling of what Killing, My Friend has to offer. But it's really just the beginning.

Killing, My Friend is set during the filming of a big budget, over-the-top action movie. As such Killing, My Friend has what we like to call Action Movie RealismTM that basically means we keep to a basic real world aesthetic like you'd find in games like Call of Duty or Counterstrike but can play a little looser with reality when it makes sense to. This allows for some freedom with things like movement in the way of stunts, special powers/weapons etc. The heroes of Killing, My Friend aren't superheroes, but they can do some extraordinary things!

First off, players have a Stunt meter similar to a Stamina meter in other games. Performing stunts depletes a portion the Stunt meter which in turn takes a short time to recharge. The player will be able to chain 3 stunts together before waiting just a moment or two for it to recharge. Most stunts are performed using the Stunt key in combination with other movement although there are a few that use standard movement keys only like the Wall Run and Wall Jump. While performing stunts there is no accuracy modifier applied to movement. In addition, while performing a stunt all damage taken as well as the rate that wounds bleed out is significantly reduced. So as a player you really want to kill those bad guys while diving through the air or sliding across the floor. On top of the damage and accuracy modifiers, there's also a score multiplier. Kills made while performing a stunt give a bonus. If consecutive kills are done during a stunt, the score is doubled and then tripled, etc. for each consecutive stunt kill.

Here's a basic breakdown of the Stunts in Killing, My Friend:

Dives: Dive are the standard action movie move. While moving in any direction press the stunt key and you'll dive in that direction into a prone position. Performing a Dive offers a few advantages. Number one being that they are the best way to start a Stunt combo because they have the most variations.

Dive Example

Rolls: These should be familiar to most gamers. A standard crouched roll. Great for moving from cover to cover. But combined with a dive they are a really great way to go from a Dive back into standing position quickly! These are the only stunt that does not allow the player to attack for its duration. However, the score multiplier kicks in at the end of a successful roll so you can still get bonuses for getting kills after completing a roll. Rolls are performed by pressing the Stunt key during movement when crouched.

Slides: Slides are similar to Dives but are only performed while moving forward and momentum carries the player forward for a short distance by sliding across the floor on their butt like a soccer tackle or a baseball player sliding to a base. When a slide is complete the player jumps back up to their feet. If on a slope or stairs, momentum carries them further. Dives and Sliding can be combined together to take a player from a Dive into a Slide in one movement. When chained from a dive, the slide happens while prone sliding on their belly. Slides are performed by tapping then holding the Jump key.

Slide Example

Wall Run: This stunt allows a player to run for a short distance along a wall by jumping towards and then strafing toward the wall for the duration of the Wall Run. Wall Run can be chained into a Dive or Wall Jump or from wall to wall at different angles. Wall Run are performed by running next to a wall and tapping then pressing the Jump key while strafing towards a wall in close enough proximity.

So for example, a Stunt combo will go something like this:

Press Stunt then press Jump then press Crouch then press Crouch again to stand. This would cause you to Dive and just as you land, you'll begin to slide across the floor, firing the whole time, until you curl up into a ball and roll a short distance in to a standing position. And if you were to get one kill while Diving and two more while Sliding while getting another after popping to standing position, the dive kill would be worth 2x, the two Slide kills 4x and 6x respectively and the kill coming out of the roll would worth a fat 8x the score. Not too shabby...

If you can pull it all off.

That's all the Stunts I'm going to cover today. There's a few more that I haven't covered yet, so check back later for the rest of the Stuns and some of the Enhanced Movement as well.

Thanks for reading. Check out our web page if you haven't already at www.killingmyfriendgame where you can also sign up for our mailing list, like us on Facebook at or follow us on Twitter at and check back here often for more updates, screenshots and news.

Your friendly game developer,


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