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The game features a Campaign Mode and Tournament Mode. When the game begins you will face wave upon wave of increasingly dangerous enemies, who are on a mission to destroy your base! Keep your base standing for as long as possible, while you attempt to complete your own mission.

VARIOUS MISSIONS/GAME MODES: As well as the classic "Survive against X amount of waves" game type, there will also be other game types that require you to:
- Attack and destroy an Enemy Base

- Stockpile a certain amount of resources to win the game

- Defeat a huge enemy Boss.

- Survive as long as possible / Infinite waves (for a better high score)

- Perform unique actions for scripted levels.

- Plus more!

There will be 6 medals to win for each level, sometimes requiring you to replay the level in a different scenario. There is a lot of depth to the Campaign mode, it will take a long time to complete the entire game - and even then, new planets will be added over time!

Selecting Campaign Mode will take you through the extended story of how mankind were forced to flee Earth. There are 2 factions in the story, each evolving to have their own technology. You start out having crash-landed on the new planet, where you must defend your camp and regroup ...

You will start with an extremely limited set of weapons and 1 Base design to help defend the new world. As you progress through the campaign you will unlock achievements, rewarding you with new weapons and options. There will be hundreds of mini achievements to accomplish, ensuring the game has depth unlike anything seen before in a TD game.

The level-select screen will display a map of the planet, allowing you to select the territory/level you wish to play. When you complete a level, the territory becomes yours! Once you have conquered the world, the game is only just beginning...

Over the course of play, you will earn research points. These can be spent on various things, such as technology, science or other areas. Leaving Earth behind left the human race having to back-track our technology development, so you will need to research certain items that will aid you in your quest to conquer the universe!

Once you have researched the transportation means, you will be able to travel to neighbouring planets in the Galaxy. Each planet will have its own set of Territories/levels to conquer, and each planet will have a new theme (such as Volcanic, Jungle, Blizzard etc.) also bringing the possibility of new enemy beasties to do battle with!

When you select a territory to begin a game, you will be presented with the "Loadout Bay" - this is where you tool-up and decide which weapons you're going to take into battle. Select Your Base:Each base not only looks different, but has different functionality, each bringing advantages and disadvantages. You can then select a SHIELD ranging from huge concrete walls to give your base a massive HP boost, to Anti-Magnetic Shields which have a lower HP, but regenerate over time. You can also select a SKIN for your base - unlock new skins throughout the game so you can pick one to suit your liking!

Choose your Weapons:

While there will be many to choose from, you can only take 6 TURRETS into battle so you will need to choose wisely for each level, as each one has their own advantages. You can also choose SUPER TURRETS - these take up 4x more space and need to be manuallyfired, but are devastating weapons. Finally you can select up to 3 AIR SUPPORT which are FREE to use, and can be called in at any time, but have a cooldown period - so timing is everything. They range from deadly Tactical Missile Strikes, to more defensive Health bonuses.


There are also other types of defense at your disposal during the game. As well as the primary defense turrets, you have a SECONDARY DEFENSE menu. Ranging from Land Mines to Blockades, you can place these secondary defense directly onto the enemies' path!You can also purchase BASE WEAPONS. Each base has a number of weapon mounts where you can place special Base-Weapons, for example the Artillery Mortar, as a last line of defense. There are also a number of BASE UPGRADE mounts, where you can add Radar, or repair drones, or other helpful add-ons.

As well as the main Base to defend, there will also be a number of non-essential buildings to defend. Some buildings will generate extra resources, while others will help you in other ways - but the enemy will attack them as soon as they can, so it is up to you to defend these too. Having multiple buildings to defend adds a new dynamic to the traditional tower defense strategy, as you will need to decide for each scenario whether it is worth defending these secondary buildings, or whether you will need to concentrate defense around your main base.

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