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The entire story of the modification which bring the world to the eyes of the horror and pain in war.

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In March 3rd 2015, The Freedom Corps was born. China, South Korea and America was in the group, lived in peace, helped each other out, allowed the peace to flow. On July 12th 2015, Australia formed an allience of lone warriors under command of The Freedom Corps known as the Militia, an army of peace. Who works with The Freedom Corps and settles deals in Oil, Vehicle Production, Weapons Production, Aviation Construction and Research into new Technologies.

5th September 2015, The Fundamentalist group called The Global Liberation Army was formed, under its own laws in war. It became allies with The Freedom Corps, it had a helping hand from corps itself, making the army allowed the corps to lead the order of world peace. Then on the 11th September 2015, 14 Years after the 9/11/2001 World Trade Center Attacks in the USA, The leader of the GLA was assassinated by an Evil Mastermind, who led the army to a war against its allies, forcing the GLA to become hostile, many GLA Lieutenents, Sergeants and Soldiers rebel against the new leader, they sent the distress signals to The Freedom Corps about the leader.

10 January 2016, The war started, USA Ordered a Mounted Attack on the GLA, China's Milirtary Parade was Disrupted by the GLA Bombing attacks in Beijing, The Capital City of China. The Militia was Called in after they recieved China's Distress Call. Chaos Faction, Formed in South America joined the GLA's advance into a burning path. North Korea's leader, General Song has allienced with the GLA and formed an army circle of its own, the counter part of The Freedom Corps, known as The Terrorist Initiative.In 14th October 2020, The United Nations came into the conflict, joining with The Freedom Corps in the fight, The Australian Militia was forced to join China in the conflict after the distress call was sent to Australia. The Leader of the Australian army, Kevin Sydney, backed up the Chinese advance as it marches accross the oceans. As they arrive, they went to war. The Freedom Corps battled for its freedom with The Australians Behind them. As The Australians achieve their goals, they became allienced with The Freedom Corps, backing them up along the way.

October 25th 2021, Russia's Premier Alexander Romanov gone into contact with China as they recieved China's Signal from the Soviet Union. The Premier asked for Kevin Sydney if he can lead The Australian Militia to war with The Freedom Corps on their mission to secure freedom, Kevin Sydney Accepts. The Australian Militia became The Soviet Militia. Kevin Sydney assisted the Premier along the way. The Army has evolved during the Freedom Evolution, New Buildings were researched, lots of soldiers trained and recruited, new vehicles were researched, the army has a good airforce, it been working its way to the top during the conflict, the armies of freedom was working hard.

5th January 2022, This is where we begin our story as you take charge of your army.

Stay Tuned for more Info on the Storyline, Expansion Story Line comming soon after the mods release

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