The story of father Grigory. Not completed yet. And bad grammar. Mistakes will be deleted as soon as possible.

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12. October

"Bombarding doesn`t end. I can`t defend church from now. It is horrible see, how people are changing to unthinking monsters. Headcrab still comming. For one killed headcrab came five. We must find another people who survived. We must find another place to hide."

14. October

"We went search another cover yesterday. On way we lost 2 people. Only 7 left. Today we stop to take a breath. We encamped in old, squid building. Building wasn`t very big and we know where is who. But we must go."

19. October

"We was only two when we found another people. They said that in city cathedral is big human central and that they go there. We censuere go with they. We drowe on roofs and extemporary ways. There was safer then on land in streets."

20. October

"As soon ve go next. Cathedal was within sight. Group of zombies attacked us. It wasn`t peoples yet. They have hole in chest and angular bloody hands with agular nails. We can`t stay on one place because zombies still comming."

21. October

"We hardly survive night. We left ny three.When gets light we go next. Under us ealking zombies and headcrabs. We was in cathedral at night."

26. October

"Cathedral is good refuge. I am here 5 dayes now. Every moment came somone. Cathedral is in middle of little square posted by dike. Now here is cca 30 soldier and 50 peoples. Soldiers are guarding cathedral. Resource are smaller every day but zombies doesn`t come."

10. November

"Day as another one. We doesn`t have much resource but i didn`t saw zombie one week. What a hell. I hear shooting. What is wrong? It seens like zombie are back. I go look out of window. I saw lots of headcrabs and zombies. Some of soldier was dead or transformed into zombie. In middle this chaos were two holes in ground and there were huge green monsters with body like snakes. I thought that it was tentacle. On head he had one red eye, big stony mandible and two small limbs. Tentacle was beating with mandible on ground. Tentacle crunch soldier on peaces. Sometimes catchs one and takes him into hole. Sudenly one tentacle stopped. He looked up and attacked. Cathedral was shaking. One sniper fall down from tower. Then i find that tentacles didn`t have sight. They are orientate only with hearing. Demaged static of cathedral was still shaking. I heard broke of glass near to me. Tentacle stopped and attacked. His head crossed the room and kick me down..."


"When i woke up evrywher was silent. I stood up. Room was desolated. I saw chase from tentacle`s mandible only one meter from place where i was lying. From hole in wall sun was shining on me. I walk closer to window. Out were 6 holes like theese where was tentacles. But theese were empty. I turned around and go to doors..."

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