Here is a brief summary of the story behind Blackened. This will be updated shortly with a larger, and more tidy version.

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In the near future, a group of scientists and engineers were successful in their goal
of simulating a black hole in the test tube. Little did they know at the time
that their successful simulation was in fact not a simulation at all, but the
actual creation of a black hole. The reality of this truth was soon
demonstrated as the hole began to expand and opened a worm hole from an unknown
location. New life emerged from the hole. They were hostile. They are known as
Necros. The Necros brought with them, darkness. As they began to spread across the earth, darkness and storms began to fill the skies. The sun soon disappeared. No mortal weapon had any effect upon this threat as the Necros began to sweep across the world and lay waste to humanity, feeding upon the souls of man. The Necros were Phantoms, soul eaters. As humanity was on the brink of destruction scientist created a substance called Drevlin. Drevlin was the key to eliminating this foreign enemy. Now in a last attempt to save humanity, a wave of soldiers, utilizing Drevlin, has been sent to combat the Necros.

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