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The Blood & Steel story and time line for those that are interested!

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1805-12 - The Imperial Wars, A brutal bloody era in which all the armies of the Calradian continent are locked in seemingly endless conflict. Armies of professional and mass conscripted men fight mighty huge numbered battles in the cold snows, deserts, forests and fields for their kings, emperors and presidents. There are no major victors, each time a nation had the upper hand it was swiftly brought down in a decisive victory. The conflicts eventually peter out as the loss of manpower to operate the factories and fields forces the leaders to peace to avoid financial ruin and collapse.
1815 - Amazing Volcanic activity occurs on the coasts of the Calradian continent that to this day astounds and confuses many Academic minds of Professors of the world. A minor earthquake under the ocean projects several more Island land masses that expand and connect the minor Island nations towards the Calradian continent. In the proceeding decades these Islands are populated in the growing urban sprawl.
1817- After several years of struggle at the University of Yalen Professor Henri Laroux discovers and perfects a devastating explosive chemical reaction. He patents it and hopes it is used mainly for construction and civil use. A few years later, this TNT also finds a use in military matters and more efficient explosive shells are used by artillery and navies across the land.
1818- Chaos finally ends in the borders of the state of Vilincha. A military strongman who calls himself Baron Stremberg declares himself President For Life and begins the process of bringing some form of order to the state. It is rumoured he is a Vaegir agent, but dissidents are executed or exiled before ever getting enough proof of this.
1819- The beginning of the 3rd Great Industrial Revolution, brought on by 3rd generation factories and the slowly growing minor railways sprouting from the capitals of the nations. Manufactured goods for the first time over take the demand for trade goods from overseas.
1820 - Death of Emperor Von-Hohenstein, the Swadian Imperial Crown is passed to the next in line to his nephew former crown prince and now and Emperor Von-Holwitz.
1822- The Social Revolutions of 1822 sweep across the continent, nations not under complete absolute rule experince ground breaking changes. The despot of Dalandt is overthrown and replaced by a Prime Minister more sympathetic to the Nord people.
1824- The Rhodok Republic Merchant fleet begins to experiment with using the first breech loaded Naval guns and becomes one of the smaller but more destructive fleets of the world for a short time.
1825 - Opening of the state wide Swadian Railway, Swadia is the first nation that can be crossed now in a few days.
1827 - The Imperial Vaegir Navy is official reinstated at last and returns to it’s original power.
1829 - The Kessick Saber Incident, Registered Kessick soldiers are forced now to disarm themselves in public in foreign service or outside their countries borders unless in active war. This is consider a dishonourable insult to the Kessick people and leads to the collapse of relations as well as many resignations of Kessicks serving in foreign armies.
1830 - Invention of the Percussion Cap mechanism - Flintlock muskets, rifles and pistols all phased out from everything but personal defence and basic militia service in the next few years.
1832 -- The First Northern Desert Expeditions, The Sassanid Imperial Explorers club with several famous Alvion explorers funding it penetrate deep into the foreboding ancient deserts in the North and come into first contact
1835 - Assassination of Stremberg by Vilincha patriots, who ironically cause the collapse of what little progress the nation has made with modernity. Due their dead leaders purges and control there is nothing left of what could be considered a modern government and the bloody chaos and anarchy that created the state returns. Little help is offered by the other nations due to the slow increase of Anarchist activity in the past decade from the exiles. The Vaegir Tsardom increases their soldier numbers on the borders and makes preparations.
1836 - The War Of The Halmar Passage, In desperation for mineral resources denied to them via trade the Kessick state declares war on the Sarranid Empire and tries to expand towards the Halmar region. However, the Imperial Sarranid Army is fully modernised equipped with the latest rifled explosive shell firing artillery and Percussion cap muskets and in a matter of hours rapidly dominate and defeat the Kessick army still armed and equipped with weaponry from the early Imperial era.
1837 - An Alvion Engineer named Bertram Hedrich designs and patents the Alderan Rifled Cannon, in the next few years he makes a fortune setting the design to several nations who quickly adopt the longer ranged and more accurate artillery pieces.
1838 - The Davylni Incident and the collapse and annexation of the Kessick state - This was a war of expansion, it was fought by the Vaegirs and Gottish mercenaries against the Rhodok-backed Vilinchians and Kessicks, all of the Vilinchian territory was once more merged back into the Vaegir Tsardom as well as the Kessicks own steppe state.
1839 - Jham Hakeen a Sarranid Doctor of great fame working at Halmar University experimenting with needles creates the first medical vaccine against the deadly Red Pox. In the following years with modern medical science around the civilised world using this experimental innovation several deadly diseases are downgraded from crippling or mortal to the average man or woman.
1840 - The Confederation of Sargoth Declared - After some civili instability that almost becomes a revolution a true democratic system replaces the older family based nepotistic system that has oversaw the old UNP for several decades. With goes many treaties, trade deals and the last positive ties with Swadia. Popular Nord opinion wants the return of several city states and swathes of territory returned to strengthen their borders against the growing Vaegir threat.
1841 - The Swadin Unification, and the Nordic War of Reclamation - Swadian and Nord tensions over Vaegir expansion and their own recent political changes erupt into several wars and incidents at once. The state of Dalandt is swiftly seized when it ignores an ultimatum to stop trading with Swadia and swiftly annexed. This hostile action causes a wave of Swadian Imperial nationalism in the Imperium as the act echoes the forced annexation of the pro Swadian Brunvick city state in.
1832 - The Swadian Imperium and the Nord Republic go to a swift and bloody war with each other. Brunvick is quickly liberated as the Swadian Imperium's railway gives them a head start with the mobilisation of men. Both nations are brought to the peace table after the blood battle of Lebbock as the Vaegir Tsardom becomes the bigger threat to them both.
1843- Young Queen Avatrice of Great Alvionic Empire is crowned, barely eighteen years old she is never the less eager to retain her Imperial Island nations trading Empire and works on improving diplomatic relations with the other trade nations of the continent.
1845 - Invention of the first lever-action firing mechanism, and the creation of the first Kallums repeating rifle
1847 - The Construction of the Kaiserstadt - A monumental city in Swadia is constructed on the coast, though this new modern city is praised all over Calradia and soon becomes the seat of all the Swadian Empire, however it's construction is surrounded in conspiracy and controversy. Many rumours sprung up about abuse of the workers, and mass embezzlement of funds reserved for further purchase of resources.
1850 - The bloody Tengpi Peasant Rebellion happens at the capital of the Celestial Kingdom of Chengdao. The deaths of the fighting of the people involved are three times the amount of death seen in the fighting of the Imperial Wars on the old continent. The Emperors house of Jing survives and retains their grip on power.
1851- The last of the Imperial Age style uniforms in the army of Ancia are retired, uniforms in the next few decades will take on a more somber and uniform tone with brighter colours being toned down and experimental terrain matching colours in a new experimental field called camouflage. Some Imperial elements in uniforms due remain for tradition sake.
1853- A Balion Engineer called Jonas King invents a system of electronic communication down a simple wire using morse code. He calls the invention the telegraph and revolutionaries long distance communication.
1855 - Naval technology reaches a new experimental age, iron hulled coastal monitors and Ironclad style clippers replace the older wooden frigates in the Imperial and Merchant Navies of several nations, breech loaded rifled artillery replaced their older muzzle loaded predecessors and like fighting on land naval warfare becomes focused on accuracy and timing.
1856- Gottemark Scientist Alvins Svenkson begins the Svenkson prize organisation, dedicated to science and technology that will bring peace and progress mankind. Many Scientists and Engineers regardless of nationality eagerly register themselves.
1858- After almost a century of corruption and mismanagement the over extended Calradian Trading Company collapses in the middle of the West Sea Bubble bursting and a bloody revolt in several minor Sugar Islands it could have easily contained.
1860 - The invention of the Needle Gun firing mechanism by a Rhodok gentleman coincidentally named Samael Needal. The breech loaded simple needle mechanism makes loading and firing a matter of several seconds and eliminates the ramrod from the loading process. In a matter of weeks these new weapons are mass produced and rapidly equipped by the 3rd Rhodok Republic's Army.
1861- The Mexxitan Intervention A Rhodok Republic Expedition attempts to plant a Pro Rhodok puppet in charge of the overseas state.
1863- The Usonian Civil War on Balion erupts over issues of slavery, treatment of the natives and huge differences between the regions of the North and South. The conflict is bloody and see's to the end of Imperial era line and column open field tactics. It lasts for several years before a bloody ceasefire is declared. After the war it is clear that artillery and cavalry military tactics need modernising.
1864- The Meijin War is fought, the Emperor of Nihonhei clashes with the Shogun and the two sides struggle brutally against each other to embrace foreign influence or reject it. Several Calradian nations take both sides and begin war profiteering over the fight.
1865 - The First Alvion World Fair is held at the Crystal palace in the capital of the Island nation. Industrial, cultural and technological wonders from all nations compete with each other show on display for the first time.
1866- The popular president and former general Francis Bernaparte marries himself into the Ancian Royal Family determined to make a true Imperial Dynasty.
1867- A prototype crude Bolt Device is developed and worked on in the University of Praven, this proves to be more efficient than the needle gun and with a small jacket that could hold three rounds inside the rifle ensure that three shots could be stored and fire in rapid succession. Due to the upcoming brutal wars engineer Jans Belten could only get a few hundred made and most of them were bought out quickly by the elite forces of several nations. He manufactures and sells them mostly in small numbers whilst working on a modern modern rifle design with the profits.
1869- A tense political scandal that comes to head at the attempt of a group assassination attempt with a crude explosive during a senate meeting, the 2nd Rhodok Republic is briefly brought down and overnight a vastly redrawn and more liberal constitution and re-elected senate oversee the creation of the 3rd Rhodok Republic. Those responsible for the political corruption are jailed or legally exiled from the nations borders for life. The 3rd Rhodok Republic attempts also to remain neutral to growing conflict around the nations borders.
1870- The Veerocken Telegram, a carefully doctored telegram that creates an artificial slight against the honour of the Swadian Emperor by a Vaegir Militarist General brings Swadian and Vaegir Imperial tensions to boiling point. The people of both nations strongly demand war to avenge this insult.


it's possible including balion civil war in this mod?Do you extend map to Balion continent including balion civil war and Rhodok intervention to Mexxitan war?

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that would be cool

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It would be cool if the kessicks still rule some parts in the east (maybe a new part of the map). It would be nice to have a faction based on hit-and-run tactics that it somewhat at a disadvantage but that is effective if play it rigth. Also another nice addition would be the inclusion of minor factions that may rise to power if given the chance

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I love the Kessick-Khergits. If they no longer have a nation, they should at least apear as bandits/mercenaries.

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I am seriously loving the Boshin War references and influence in this mod, gah!

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so the small islands that are always on the Calradian coast are going to be populated?

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A reference to the american civil war? and the Boshin war?
Calradia is in a full industrial swing and is ready for another continental war?
Fetch'my Gun! the time to war profiteer my way back to the top is soon.

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I'm SO waiting for this. :D

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The best mount & blade mod yet...

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