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The story of "Fanwars" and its new gameplay features.

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The Story:

CnC - Fanwars takes place after the Third Tiberian War, in 2075. Conflicts between GDI and Nod are nothing but legends and long past history. But as peace seems to impose itself, a secret organization decides to sell new technologies, allowing a more efficient tiberium refining, thus allowing individual countries to increase their own resources. Each nation was then able to claim its independence, but like "black gold" did years before, tiberium stirred-up numerous new conflicts.

As chaotic conflicts erupted all across the globe, the mysterious secret organization manifested once again, this time by using a completely uncharted technology. It opened several wormholes in the space-time continuum, all across the Earth, connecting known universe to parallel worlds that had each evolved in an entirely different manner. These alternate worlds found themselves projected into a familiar, yet sinister environment...

As with any good Command & Conquer game, the old "rock/paper/cissors" principle remains one of the main gameplay rules. However, the "Verses" and "Armour" values were changed and rethought, so values such as "none, wood, light, heavy, concrete" will have a more important impact in the game. Armour values will instead follow the following types: "infantry, heavy infantry, light vehicles, armoured vehicles, structures".

The Factions:

Every faction of the game possesses their own characteristics, like base expansion methods, mobility values, general strengths, etc.

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