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Part I covers the aftermath of the Capellan tragedy and the rise of tensions in the Luyten system. Part II will cover the events that lead up to the beginning of the campaign.

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Luyten Civil War
Story Background
Part I

October 4, 2367:
Having learned that the Shivans - known fittingly as "the Destroyers" - were amassing an unthinkable armada around the Capella sun, the GTVA General Assembly was left without a choice. The largest alliance of sapient species to have ever traversed the stars of the galaxy was forced to undertake a massive enterprise to save the lives of their citizens. The evacuation of an entire star system exceeded the alliance's limits, and it became clear that millions will fall victim to the overwhelming Shivan invasion. Then came the single most shocking moment in both Terran and Vasudan history. The xenophobic Shivans initialized the most powerful weapon and the Capella star began to swell. Never before has anyone witnessed the death of an entire star. Capella became an inescapable inferno.

October 6, 2367:
The adjacent star system Vega and the Epsilon Pegasi, were teeming with refugee transports.

October 12, 2367:
The General Assembly hurriedly passes an act to shelter the refugees in far-away systems, including Ross 128, Luyten, and Barnard's Star. A week after the supernova, the Capellans are on the move again.

November 8, 2367:
Chancellor McCleskey, the head of the Luytenian Government, personally welcomes the new arrivals. He sees great potential in the settlers, and does his best to push pro-Capellan legislation through his legislature. Due to his policies, he gains some popular support, but this support is only numerical. In reality, the "natives" of Luyten gradually realize the offsets of their Chancellor's new vision.

December 31, 2367:
In his New Year's Eve Address, the Chancellor delivers an eloquent speech that declares a new era for the inhabitants of Luyten III (the cultural center of the star system) where the majority of the refugees were brought.

January 7, 2368:
The New Era Employment Act passes through on the first day of parliament. The act is slated to provide employment for Capellan blue- and white-collars to give a much-needed boost to the economy. Luyten IV, the industrial center, welcomes its biggest influx of new employees since 2337.

February 7, 2368:
Numerous private polling organizations report an increase in employment rates. Unfortunately, the numbers also show that the native-born lost their jobs at the expense of immigrants.

February 8, 2368:
One of McCleskey's prominent associates tried to bribe the poll makers to fake or withdraw their numbers. He is turned down and a video tape about the bribe is released to the general public.

March 15, 2368:
McCleskey's popular support decreases to 30%.

April 20, 2368:
Numbers show that crime rate on Luyten III has increased by 300% in comparison to last year. 59% of the crimes were committed against non-native-born citizens.

April 24, 2368:
A mob of angry protesters storm the parliament building. In the ensuing firefight, the Chancellor is hit on the leg. 49 were killed in the attack, including a representative and three police officers. The next day, Chancellor McCleskey resigns.

April 25, 2368:
A 24-hour-long session of the Security Council concludes they have no authority to interfere with Luyten's internal affairs.

May 2, 2368:
Edward Keyes wins the elections and forms a new government. Keyes is determined to revert all of his predecessor's policies. His far-right rhetoric convinces the populace that only the Capellan immigrants are to blame for the recession.

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