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Stations, docking-system and trading. Part 1: Stations and docking with them.

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At all, i found time to code.
Next step in my plan was stations. I divide them for two parts:
Part 1 - Station sprite, docking arm and docking mechanics.
Part 2 - Trading with station and Trade Screen for that.

This is Part 1.
Stations and docking with them.

Stations Test

My first station has 4 docking arms and they can move separately.
When you're approaching to station on 100m(test value) or less, station is choosing random docking arm and open it.
Docking arm has lights near its name on station sprite. Lights will show state of docking arm for player. It has three states:
Red - Closed
Yellow - Moving
Green - Ready to dock
When lights are green, you can dock to station with your ship. If ship are docked, ship can't moving and its engines will be offline.

Also new string was added to Cargo Screen. New string is showing dock-state of your ship:
Red string "NOT DOCK" mean that your ship isn't docked and can't be docked now.
Yellow string "DOCK {Short Station Name}" mean that your ship isn't docked, but can be docked to station {Short Station Name} now.
Green string "DOCK {Short Station Name}" mean that your ship is docked to station {Short Station Name}.

This video show you how its look like ingame:

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