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In this installment we welcome you to the Colony and explain what life is like here in the drifts of space.

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Hello Everyone! Stardrift Fiction is a series in which we explore the lives of the intrepid space nomads from the game: Stardrift Nomads. With the release of the game getting closer, we wanted to take a moment and familiarize everyone with what life on a Drifter Colony is like. So without further ado, here is Stardrift Fiction #1:


Greetings fellow Nomad and welcome to the Drifter Colony. It matters not what brings you here or where you come from, a thirst for adventure and the tenacity to push through any hardship is all that is required to be one of us. You will face all manner of hazards, from vicious pirates to ravenous black holes and all manner of horrors in between. Do not expect fame nor glory nor riches, you will simply exist. What you will receive is freedom, and freedom is everything.

Anyways enough of that heavy stuff! Welcome aboard my new friend, discovery and wonder await in the frontiers of space! Let’s get you familiarized with life on the Colony.

The Colony

The Colony is everything to us, without it we couldn’t survive out here on the edge of civilization. It provides all the comforts of home, food, air, heat, but most importantly, protection from the vacuum of space. If the Colony dies, so do we, simple as that. You’ll be provided with your very own gravity-controlled hab unit complete with UV shower, stasis hammock, and a very adorable kitchenette. It’s a little cramped, but all the more reason to socialize with your fellow Nomads in the ballcourts or cantina, ancient terran trivia night is on Thursdays!

So much Scrap...

In order to keep all the vital systems of the Colony running we require a constant supply of energy, produced by feeding a material that we call Scrap to the plasma boilers in the belly of the ship. Our pilots are constantly on the prowl for fresh lodes of Scrap, harvesting from anything they find floating around in space. Asteroids, enemy ships, and hulking wrecks from the deepest voids all hold components and minerals that can be scrapped and recycled into energy. One of your primary jobs on this ship will be to harvest Scrap and return it to our holds for processing. In return you’ll be given credits that can be exchanged for any good or service offered on the ship. Get an octopod massage at the spa, overcharge your weapons for a little extra firepower, or even acquire artisanal jams made with otherworldly fruits grown in the greenhouses.

We seem to be surrounded.

Every Colony is guarded by a Watchdog, a genetically modified canine bionically linked to the sensors. Even the faintest ripple in space-time is obvious to a Watchdog, who will sniff out any threats to the Colony and try to steer the ship to safety. If an unavoidable hazard is detected, all available pilots are scrambled to neutralize it before any damage can be done. When you’re out there on your own the Watchdog is your link to the Colony and since you are part of her pack, she will always bring you back safely.


Thanks for reading everyone, tune in next time to read about the ships you'll have access to in Stardrift Nomads!

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