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Keeping the Mill and Factory producing is the key to Victory.

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In SRRD you will need to build and expand in order to win, and the foundation of the effort is your Steel Smelter and Factory. The Smelter will need Ore and Fuel resources available in order to process batches and make Steel. Steel and Fuel are needed for Supplies from the Factory. Combinations of Steel, Supplies, Fuel and Personnel are required to make new units and defenses.

The Status Bar


The status bar at screen top will always show your available resources, and also an indicator showing the Smelter and Factory status. The dial for each shows the current burn down of the batch in production.

Structure Controls Menu


This image shows the controls panel when the Smelter complex is selected. The Smelter and Steel Mill runs at two speeds, or can be turned off when you need to conserve fuel. Each batch takes some time to process, so you will want to keep the Steel Mill running as continuously as possible to feed your war effort.

The Smelter & Steel Mill Complex

There are visually multiple structures though they are selected together and controlled with a single interface. Your Smelter will glow with hot iron and emit more smoke when it is running a batch. This structure group will always be at your home rail base close to the HQ.


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