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Speed was one of the great imbalances of vanilla Final Fantasy Tactics. It caused a slew of late game problems - from obsoleting late game spells to invalidating entire classes. Here is an article and presentation about Speed in Final Fantasy Tactics and what we did to fix the system. The presentation features an introduction to Speed Growth in addition to explaining various possible solutions along with the one we took.

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Speed Growth in Final Fantasy Tactics was a huge balance issue and general problem for late game mechanics. Late game spells in the original game would take multiple turns to cast and characters could be de-leveled to uncap speed growth.

Utilizing suggestions and systems from throughout the community, Nexus-Studios has dealt with the Speed Growth issue that combines ideas from around the community to create a balanced system which should work from the early to end game and remove player abuse through de-leveling.The following presentation gives a good introduction to speed growth, alternate solutions, and the solution we took to it here.

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