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This is a list of Specific Changes to each Job. This list will be kept up-to-date as I make them.

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Simple Syntax of My List of Changes:

  • Each change will be listed below the specific class.
  • Ability Names will be in Italics.
  • Changes that affect an Abilities JP Cost will be in brackets. Ex: Invitation[500] Signifying that the ability Invitation has had its JP Cost set to 500.
  • Reference to "Chance to Learn" means that the chance for the AI to learn that skill automatically assuming enough JP has been earned. It also references the Chance to learn from a Crystal had the Crystalized Character known that ability. And Finally it could reference the chance to learn the ability if casted on your character. (Specific to certain spells, Ex. Zodiac)
  • "Innate Abilities" refer to abilities 'equiped' to a job by default without having to learn them. Ex: Monk -> Martial Arts, Ninja -> Two Swords.

Description of OverAll Changes

  • Starting with the Squire, These changes were inspired by the removal of Mediator. I saw this class as worthless but very much essential to the monster taming of the game. Given that Squire randomly had Monster Skill I decided to merge the two classes keeping only 2 skills I seen to fit moderately. I may decide to add more at a later date.
  • In regards to the Knight and Monk changes, I felt that Monks were just too good. Previously you gained more HP leveling up as a Monk, Gained the chance to get a Free AoE HP/MP Heal (Chakra), Numerous Agressive Abilities (Wave Fist, Earth Strike, etc), AND 3 great Counters. In addition I decided that the Knight class should be more of a tank than much of anything else. Since their abilities already reflected this I added Defense to them and gave them Counter.
  • As for the Mages (Wizard, Priest, Time Mage), with the fixing of of the notorious and wonderful JP Glitch I felt some of the JP Requirements were ridiculous. I enjoy having to actually work at a Job in order to get the good spells but 1000 JP for one ability that I've never used before didn't make sense to me. So I did some adjusting and I'm going to work to make Most if not All Abilities not go over the cost of 750 JP. Spells like Float, Poison, etc a decrease in JP Cost or an Increase in strength to accomodate for their under-use.
  • Please correct me if I'm wrong on the assumption that most people don't use the spells like Float, Poison, etc.

[Special Squire]: (Ramza, Delita, Algus)

  • Added the Skills Invitation and Insult from the Mediator Class Merge.


  • Added the Skills Invitation and Insult from the Mediator Class Merge.
  • Removed Gained JP Up Support Ability.
  • Adjusted Invitation and Insult's "Chance to Learn".


  • Speed Break, Head Break, & Armor Break[350]
  • Shield Break[375]
  • Magic Break[200]
  • Power Break & Mind Break[300]
  • Innate Abilities: Defense Up & Defend.
  • Though Defense Up is an Innate ability it is not like most Innate abilities because it cannot be learned to be used out of the Knight Job (At least not -from- the Knight Job that is).


  • Added Aim Leg and Aim Arm to Skillset.
  • Removed all Charge+X Abilties.
  • Made new Charge Abilties Named: Charge Basic, Charge Advanced, Charge Extreme


  • JP Costs Adjusted: Gil Taking[100], Steal Heart[150], Steal Helmet/Shield/Weapon/Armor[500]
  • Removed Steal Exp.


  • Removed Counter (Was moved to Knight, it was unnecessary having that many good counters on one job).


  • Working on making Skills not break the Swords. Haven't tested yet.


  • Potion[10]
  • Single Status effect removal items[25] - Ex: Echo Grass, Antidote, etc.
  • Hi-Potion, Ether, Holy Water[100]
  • X-Potion, Hi-Ether, Elixer, Remedy[250]


  • Ice, Fire, & Bolt[50/125/250/500] for +1/+2/+3/+4 respectively.
  • Poison's Area of Effect was increased.
  • Frog[350]
  • Death[500]
  • Flare[750]


  • Cure[50/125/250/500] for +1/+2/+3/+4 respectively.
  • Protect and Shell[50/200] for +1/+2 respectively.
  • Raise[150/300] for +1/+2 respectively.
  • Wall[350]
  • Regen[150]
  • Reraise[750]
  • Holy[500]

[Time Mage]

  • Haste and Slow[100/250] for +1/+2 respectively.
  • Stop[300]
  • Float[100]
  • Quick[500]
  • Demi[250/500] for +1/+2 respectively.
  • Meteor[750]
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