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This week's species article covers the backstory behind the cold war between the Rigelans and Arcturans.

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An Adjusted Plan:
At the end of the last great war, the Rigelans - believing themselves rid of the Arcturans - constructed obelisks embedded with the information to produce faster than light (FTL) technologies and an invitation to Rigel. These were seeded throughout the galaxy for new civilizations to find upon achieving space travel. The Rigelans hoped to guide these species to follow their plan to prolonge the life cycle of the galaxy by converting stars into longer lived, lower energy, classes of star and harnessing that energy with a massive network of dyson spheres. As the Rigelans were unable to ascend due to the peculiarities of their biology, their plan was one of pure survival born out of fear and desperation.

Arcturus Returns-Present:
Several species discover the Rigelan obelisks in their star systems and develop warp technology. Around the same time, the Arcturan home world emerges from subspace at the edge of the galaxy. The Arcturans contact several neighboring pre-FTL species. Swiftly controlling and uplifting these species, the Arcturans style themselves as forming a Confederation. The raw resources of these worlds are taken to the depleted and exhausted ancient world of Arcturus to fuel the Arcturan war machine. While materials are being extracted, scout ships scour the galaxy for the locations of ancient weapon caches. The devices hidden throughout the galaxy are of unimaginable power, some of which - such as the galaxy eater - neither faction is even willing to consider deploying.

Reformation of the Council:
Realizing that a new galaxy-wide war is imminent and that both elder species are evenly matched in destructive capabilities, the Rigelans and Arcturans agree to the formation of a Galactic Council to leave the decision to ascend or continue with the Rigelan’s plan nominally in the hands of the younger species. In truth, neither species is willing to give any real power to this body. For now, galactic peace is assured, but what will happen if the other side earned the trust of the younger races - or worse, if the younger races decided they did not require the guidance of their elders?

The galaxy is now at a state of cold war between the elder species, each biding their time while secretly amassing weapons.

Join us next week as we dive deeper into details of the Galactic Council!

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