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This is a pack that contains maps for those who are bored or like . For me, an epic battle is a battle full of action and watch with pleasure. The battles in this "mod" are battles or you do almost anything because everything is automatic and vehicles and men appear every x seconds. So these are battles to look like a movie we'll say. very radical against boredom. Good game!

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For the curious, the spawn time of the various units:

For those who would like to know the time of appearance "official" my map, here you will know everything and how the change for those who want.

Average time of appearance of all my maps:

-Heavy tank:+-450 sec
-medium tank:+-200 sec

-light tank:+-150 sec

-Infantry:+-30 sec

-bazooka team:+- 150 sec

-Sniper:+-200 sec

-Btr (Half-track):+-150 sec

-Rockets Launcher:+-250 sec

-AT Canon:+-180 sec

-M16 (Mounted DCA):+-180 sec

How to Change the spawn time:

1) First, let the map in "F3" (Press F3).
2) Go to the "Trigger" section.
3) Select the desired unit.EX: ger_inf = german infantry.
4) At the bottom of the pane, double click on "Delay".

5) A window will appear with a number and this number you can change. WARNING: The number is in seconds.

That's all, I hope it helps you. You will put less time for each spawn, the more the battle will go quickly, and vice versa.

PS: For those who have environmental ideas for next map, please explain in the comments

Thank you very much.


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