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An all new trailer for Spark Rising showcasing the back story for the Spark Bot, and all new battle footage!

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We got a spiffy new trailer to showcase!

This trailer goes into a bit of back story of the Spark Bot, which you play. And we got some British dude to narrate so it sounds legit. Why can't we all have cool British accents?

I gotta say, making this trailer was a nightmare... while rendering the scene, a harddrive melted. Since we couldn't recover, we had to redo half of it. While that happened, some major bug in Unity occurred, and we lost half of the battle scene. Thanks to the team for sticking it out and making it come together!

Our Kickstarter has just 4 days to go, and we really need your support to get across the finish line! Even a small contribution can help us build the momentum needed, as the last week surge can often times double the amount raised thanks to the the last minute rally!

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